IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2013-06-14

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Romsterhaven't got time to test that yet02:36
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frinnstnew releases of libxvmc and libxrender fixes the cve-issues09:15
frinnstlibxvmc 1.0.8 and libxrender 0.9.809:15
Romsteryes i see it in my mailing list...10:48
Romsterso frinnst isn't in xorg but is in core?10:48
jaegerfrinnst: did your sound sort itself like last time? :)11:13
frinnstyep, sure did11:33
frinnsti think i sort of figured out what the issue was11:33
frinnstbut not really :)11:33
frinnstthe alsa-saved state thingy11:33
frinnstremoved it when nothing was using the soundcard and recreated it11:33
frinnsti think the problem was that i had alsamixer or some soundsource running when messing with it at first11:34
frinnstRomster: i am in xorg, just cant push while at work11:35
Romsterah k11:40
Romsterbumped those anyways. i'm at home now11:40
frinnstgoodie. i thought it would serve as a reminder for me when i got home unless someone beat me to it :)11:42
Romsterah you only hoped someone beat you to it.11:44
frinnsti was pretty sure someone would :)12:00
jaegerfrinnst: interesting issue, heh12:14
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