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jaegerIs there a working sdl fix yet? The one at doesn't solve the problem13:06
Romsteris the script broken?13:10
frinnstroot@evolution:/home/valvea# aptitude remove nginx13:43
frinnstThe following packages will be REMOVED:   linux-headers-3.2.0-43{u} linux-headers-3.2.0-43-generic{u}13:43
frinnstoops, wrong window13:43
frinnstjue: dont bump dovecot, seems they introduced a new bug13:47
frinnstjaeger: dunno, ive not tested any of the patches ive found13:48
Romsterfrinnst, any reason why at-spi2-atk is not at version 2.8.1?14:11
Romsterthan it is at 2.6.2 now14:12
Romsterso this patch does not work on libsdl jaeger ?14:13
Romsteri can't aclocal it wants esd...14:20
Romster=======> Building '/var/ports/packages/libsdl#1.2.15-2.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.14:25
Romsterah that worked.14:25
frinnstRomster: i think there was, cant remember at the moment :)14:25
Romsterjaeger, apply that patch and then run ./ I'd commit it but it's sepens port.14:26
frinnstthrow him a mail14:26
jaegerI already worked around it with my own patch14:26
Romsterwhy did you not say so sigh14:26
Romsterseriously though it took me best of what 10 minutes to get it to compile.14:27
jaegerI didn't ask anyone to compile it, I asked if anyone knew a patch that worked14:29
Romsterhmm ok.14:31
Romsterfrinnst, i noticed at-spi2-atk is missing a dependency atk14:37
Romsteri'm gonna head to bed i'm still feeling off. may not work tomorrow dunno, i'll see how i am in the morning14:55
juefrinnst: thanks, just read the mail15:37
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frinnstRomster: actually i think i just forgot to add at-spi2 to my ck4up list, thanks16:55
frinnstteK_: celt51 "depends" on libogg. without it the binaries are not installed19:01
frinnstdunno how "needed" those are for spice19:01
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teK_I better add it, ty21:34
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frinnstI installed the spice-protocol stuff in a kvm machine just to get qxl stuff21:38
frinnstworked fine without libogg21:38
frinnstdunno if it still does if you want to run spice-gtk21:38
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teK_if there are no binaries..21:41
frinnstyeah but what are they actually used for? :)21:41
frinnstonly for spice-gtk maybe?21:42
frinnstI was hoping to introduce a qxl xorg-port, but the current "release" is ancient and buggy. there's been some git activity lately that will hopefully result in a new release that is suitable for packaging21:44
teK_was that this virtio-style video accelration driver?21:44
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Romsterfrinnst, actually at-spi2-atk is at version 2.8.123:37

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