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Romsterfrinnst, glib version bump 2.36.2 -> 2.36.311:33
frinnstrelaaax, that one i have in ck4up!11:39
Romsteri'm poking around ports again11:40
Romsteri've bumped gtk3 with no ill effects in chroot have yet to test it on my desktop11:40
Romsteroh for gods sake i bumped cpuid then i see there is a 10 instead of a 09 version.11:45
frinnstgtk3 to 3.8 ?11:45
frinnstnow that one i do remember required something foul11:45
frinnstbut as usual, now exactly what :)11:45
frinnstmy memory is useless11:46
Romstergtk3 3.8.211:46
frinnstwhat does finddeps say?11:46
Romsterbuilt ok11:46
Romsteri remember you saying something about gtk3 but i also can't remember what.11:49
Romsternot ei haven't tested this on my desktop yet just compiled it and tested transmission-gtk and webkit compiled against it so far.11:49
frinnstthat looks pretty identical to 3.611:49
Romsterperhaps they fixed the issue?11:50
Romsterin the .x release11:50
frinnsthope so11:50
frinnsti'll try to build 3.8.0 once 3.8.2 finishes :)11:50
frinnstpoor i3 cpu11:50
Romsteri'm gonna test 3.8.2 on my system shortly.11:50
Romsterdistcc to many pcs?11:51
Romsterif you got that option11:51
frinnstnha, not really :)11:51
Romsteryou need to bump at-spi2-atk to version 2.8.1 as well. you probably read that but haven't acted on it yet.11:52
frinnstyep saw that11:52
frinnstim the master of fuckups lately, but vacation is drawing close \o/11:53
frinnst3.8.0 seems to build ok.. my brain must be fried11:56
Romsterdunno, i remember you saying something in the past but if it was correct or not.... beats me.12:13
jaegergtk3 will depend on systemd soon12:17
frinnsthah, really?12:18
frinnstwhat about all other unices?12:18
jaegerjoking, sorry12:18
frinnsthaha wouldnt be surprised ;)12:18
jaegerman, exchange is so bad at being an IMAP server12:19
jaegerI open thunderbird, it says I have 22 new cron messages. I'm worried because that likely means something shit itself12:19
jaegerNope, only 4 new messages in reality12:19
frinnstwhat, dupes or old messages?12:20
jaegerIt just doesn't show the correct count until you open that folder12:20
frinnstah but are you sure that's exchanges fault? i have some imap troubles with thunderbird and dovecot12:20
frinnstdeleted messages not dissapearing from inbox etc12:21
jaegerCompletely sure. I've never seen it happen with any other IMAP server12:21
Romstereww wtf seriously?12:21
jaegerit could certainly be that our windows admin set it up wrong, though12:21
jaegerI don't know exchange all that well12:21
Romsternot funny :D12:21
frinnstmy faked cruxbot commit message the other day seemed to have scared some people :)12:22
jaegeryeah, hehe12:22
Romsterthough wasn't as bad as teK_'s joke with his mockup systemd cruxbot commit.12:22
Romsteroh was that frinnst nto teK_ ?12:22
jaegerusually I abhor trolling but that one did make me chuckle12:22
frinnst<@frinnst> <cruxbot> [core.git/3.0]: systemd: initial release. removed sysvinit12:22
Romsteroh right i think teK_ complained about it12:22
frinnstI should have changed the branch # ;)12:23
teK_no I almost heart-attacked about it12:24
Romsteri had to look a third time.... before i went on a rant rampage.12:25
teK_jaeger: don't laugh at wrong message counts.. I wrote a EDI/VDA app with a barcode scanning etc. and it won't show the count of scanned bills either.. no way to get that damned thing to display some simple incremtened value on a report :)12:27
jaegeryuck :(12:33
frinnstfucking useless buggy cisco firewall crap12:38
teK_it's written in baanscript so maybe I can point the finger ;)12:38
frinnstupdated the os image and it fucked all nat-tables12:38
teK_sure, why not :O12:38
jaegerthat sucks12:42
Romsteri've never even heard of baanscript12:44
Romsterthat's probably why.12:44
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