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horrorStruckfrinnst: sure I do, I'll clean them up a bit a post them later today. In the meantime, you might want to look at this for the required kernel options.01:02
prologicWhat's this about systemd?01:16
prologicTell me we're not considering this01:16
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horrorStruck*******EVERYONE CLOSE YOUR EYES*******12:59
horrorStruck*******IT'S OK NOW*******12:59
Romstermy poor eyes13:01
Romsterso dbus needs a patch so that's half baked.13:01
Romsteri know why your nick is horrorStruck13:03
horrorStruckdbus patch is not mandatory13:03
frinnstthe horror, the dependencies..13:13
frinnstwtf, the systemd build pulls docbook.xsl from sourceforge? and when that fails it just bails?13:20
horrorStruckdunno i have ours installed13:21
horrorStrucksorry about the # Depends on, lazy style13:21
frinnstyeah no worries.. you should look at my private ports.. :)13:21
horrorStruckyou might want to read the freannstme file if you hadnt yet13:22
frinnstyeah saw that13:23
Romsterbeen meaning to clean up docbook but no time and sick on the list...13:30
frinnstwow, it did boot13:40
frinnst26mb ram used after boot, nice13:49
horrorStruckfrinnst: any errors in logs so i can update the readme?13:51
frinnstnot really. stuff was semi-broken before i created some symlinks to /run etc13:53
frinnst(the ones you listed)13:53
horrorStruckyeah really depends on your existing system13:53
horrorStruckthis sounds awesome, havent tried yet:
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jueadded a port for libusb 1.0.16-rc1 to my private repo, the first release after the libusb/libusbx merge. It's ABI compatible, thus no need to recompile dependent ports. Please use/test, thanks16:50
horrorStruckjue: is that the libusbx or the re-unified libusb branch?16:54
horrorStruckah shit16:54
horrorStruckobviously libsusb16:54
horrorStruckplease donate for new eyes for horrorStruck16:55
horrorStruckalready USD5K !17:03
horrorStruckbuilds fine17:03
juehorrorStruck: the source is from the libusbx repo, but they will rename that repo to libusb after the final 1.0.1617:06
horrorStruckah ok, i've been using libusbx since forever but in any case, i never use usb :D17:08
horrorStruck(rarely let's say)17:08
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sepenI'm building a new chromium version17:16
sepenI hope it works since I added harfbuzz as a system dep17:17
horrorStrucki use up-to-date chromium-beta and i have harfbuzz installed and they all play well together :)17:19
frinnstsepen: libsdl broke with some xorg (security) updates17:29
frinnstthere's a patch floating around17:29
sepenI recently pushed it ;D17:29
juewe  have a FS ticket for that17:29
sepenI recently closed it ;d17:29
frinnstah D;17:29
frinnstwasnt sure there was a fs entry for it :)17:30
sepenjue: nice to see the new diff for jre/jdk commits17:30
jueyeah, indeed :)17:31
juejaeger: seen FS#931, cannot believe that it really works?17:41
sepenno works at all17:51
sepenyou need an initramfs step17:51
jueyep, my thoughts as well17:55
jaegerjue: yeah, it should not work unless the kernel has gotten much more magical than I knew18:25
juejaeger: thanks, will add a comment tomorrow18:41
frinnsthe still boot the iso with initrd, just redirecting the root ?18:57
jaegerNot sure from the ticket19:04
jaegercopying /boot would include the initramfs but he doesn't specify any lilo/grub settings in the bug19:04
frinnsti take it that he actually boots from the cd/image and just specifies the root= on the syslinux boot19:07
frinnstthe copying he does is redundant, well maybe if you want to load a module in userspace19:07
jaegerThe initramfs init does have a provision for specifying root=19:08
sepenyep in case the driver module its loaded, but iirc we load most modules from init in initramfs19:26
sepenI used to configure the default kernel+ initramfs as a rescue
sepenat least works for me19:28
frinnstI have installed crux on an usb-stick. best rescuesystem ever :)19:37
jaegerI have one of those for, it has a usb port inside on the motherboard19:42
jaeger <-- that19:42
frinnstyeah i also boot my backup-microserver with an internal usb19:42
frinnsthave to boot with rootdelay=nn tho19:43
jaegerlooking into moving to a heavy utilization 3 year EC2 instance20:48
jaeger~$1118 USD for 3 years, not bad at all20:48
frinnstwhat do you get for that?20:50
jaegerM1 Medium Instance 3.75 GiB of memory, 2 EC2 Compute Units (1 virtual core with 2 EC2 Compute Units each), 410 GB of local instance storage, 32-bit or 64-bit platform20:51
jaegerI've never used EC2 myself so not sure how it compares to a similarly-provisioned VPS, just speculating at this point20:52
frinnstany bandwidth limitations?20:53
jaegerup to 10TB out at $0.12/GB, looks like20:54
jaegerinbound is free20:54
frinnstper month?20:58
jaegerwe actually would likely fall under the 1TB tier20:59
jaegeroh, there isn't a 1TB tier, I misread it21:00
jaeger1GB, then 10TB21:00
jaeger1GB is free :)21:00
jaegerafter 10TB the next 40TB is $0.09/GB21:00
jaegergoes down from there but I wouldn't ever get into that kind of transfer usage21:00
frinnst :)21:01
frinnsttimed out before my benchmark completed :/21:02
frinnsthorrorStruck: what toolchain are you using these days?21:25

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