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horrorStruckfrinnst: weekly snapshots of gcc 4.8, binutils 2.23.2, glibc 2.1701:58
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frinnstok, playing with gcc 4.8 here. seems to build everything i have installed without issues, except iproute2 (error on warnings)11:47
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horrorStrucki don't remeber having any issue at all but i havent done a full system rebuild12:05
horrorStruckfrinnst: what arch does: sed -i 's/-Werror//' Makefile12:10
frinnstyeah its no big deal12:10
frinnstopenssl and wget "fails" when using perl 5.18, pod2man errors12:11
horrorStruckare you still using "you know what" ?12:11
frinnsthehe only in a vm12:13
horrorStruckok :)12:13
frinnststill too much "magic" for my liking, but i havent really dug into it yet12:14
juefrinnst: new automake ;)15:30
frinnsthehe yeah, im running it here15:31
frinnstone complete system rebuild done without issues15:32
frinnstdoing another rebuild now for other reasons, i'll push it once that completes :)15:33
horrorStrucki'll add a subsection about you in wikipedia global warming article15:35
jaegerI'm finally getting around to setting up some automation for the updated ISOs15:35
frinnsthow many downloads do you usually get on those? ever counted?15:51
jaegerI haven't counted, probably should set up something to keep track of that16:23
jaegera quick log parse looks like ~2680 downloads since apr 200616:28
jaegerthat number is too high, though, I failed to parse properly16:28
jaeger~2540 after fixing that16:29
juewow, that's a lot, much more I'd have thought, around 400 each year16:31
jaeger45 for the 3.0 versions16:32
jaegeryeah, more than I expected16:32
jaeger2.8: 9516:32
jaeger2.7: 68616:32
jaeger2.6: 20016:32
jaeger2.5: 14616:33
jaeger2.1, 2.2, and 2.3 were pretty popular16:34
jaeger591, 740, 47216:34
teK_a friend of mine ssaid "nah nobody knows CRUX" yesterday :}16:34
teK_btw.. any idea why I get the unknown-block(0,0) error on a md-raid1 setup (fs+controller driver should be included in the kernel, same goes for raid1 support)16:38
teK_root=/dev/sda2 works in that it says block(8,2) but no know FS installed (of course)16:41
teK_the 0,0 makes me think if the kernel does not recognize the /dev/md2-software-raid /16:41
frinnstdont you need an initrd to boot that? unless you use the old format?16:52
frinnst0.9 or whatever, not 1.216:52
juethe systemd disease is spreading wider ->
jaegerfrinnst is right, you need to use metadata 0.9 when you create the raid array and you also need to set up autoassembly in the kernel and use partition type fd16:55
jaegerif you don't do all that stuff, initrd16:55
jaegerjue: no surprise there but yuck :(16:56
teK_thanks for the hint17:10
teK_so it's initrd OR complete re-setup CRUX / raid etc17:10
teK_what has to be version 0.9.. /boot or /?17:11
teK_seems /boot..17:11
frinnstwhy cant my car stereo play flac? stupid german automakers17:14
teK_mdadm claims your bootloader has to understand 1.x metadata.. I use grub2 from our ISO.. is it that outdated? :\17:22
teK_ah it's the kernel.. is there any *complete* Documentation on that?17:23
jaegerperhaps the software raid howto? not sure, it's been a while since I looked at that17:37
jaegerjust /boot would be sufficient, I think17:37
teK_I doubt it because /boot should be irrelevant at the  stage where it tries to find/mount the superblock17:41
teK_the block(0,0) suggests that, too. IMHO17:41
teK_As of kernel 2.6.9, only drives with a type 017:42
teK_superblock can be autodetected and run at boot time.17:42
teK_from md.txt .. so / is one of these devices :o17:42
teK_0.9 for / and /boot did the trick. tnx peeps19:30
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teK_doh forget it...23:12
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frinnstwhat were you missing?23:55
frinnstxorg-libxft ?23:56
teK_xorg-libxft was not pulled in by sysup23:56
teK_we need this patch to do that ASAP23:57
teK_80% of failed updates are because of this :)23:57
teK_oh and jaeger: any plans on including the virtio driver on our installation media? :)23:57

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