IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2013-06-23

frinnstyeah its annoying as hell00:00
teK_there's even a patch floating around (by sepen?)00:01
teK_I have one for only downloading stuff00:01
teK_so you could say prt-get sysup -do & sleep 5s prt-sysup00:02
frinnstthere's a flyspray for it atleast. i think sepens patch predates that00:03
teK_frinnst: do you happen to know how to switch to the qemu console when connected via spicy?00:48
frinnstcant even exit fullscreen00:56
teK_same here *G*00:56
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jaegerteK_: I think I added it to the updated ISO but I'll check next time I look at it04:06
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jaegerJust tested booting an installed crux system with the ISO kernel and initramfs, it does indeed work13:40
jaegerI suppose it makes sense, I did add code for it to work with root= specifications, just never used it much13:41
jaegerit requires the initramfs, obviously, but works13:42
frinnstyeah i've done that in the past for rescue purposes14:09
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teK_btw groff warns about a uknown configure-flag without-x20:13
teK_and I get a md5sum mismatch for tzdata:20:15
teK_MISSING   69d333d829802af4475707e32fa01681  tzcode2013c.tar.gz20:15
teK_NEW       7b05a7e2e58e535d3258b2bef5c9c5a3  tzcode2013c.tar.gz20:15
frinnstworks for me22:39
teK_which host?22:47
prologicWhat's all this systemd/cruxd stuff?22:50
teK_nothing rm couldn't solve22:51
prologicI'm just worried that we're semi-serious on taking up systems in crux22:52
teK_I don't have unspecific systemd hate. I have very specific systemd hate, because systemd uses cgroups for evil.22:56
prologicI have very specific hate reasons as well22:57
prologicnamely that systems integrates and pulls in a number of other systems22:58
prologicit's an abomination of design flaw22:58
prologicthe opposite of the UNIX philosophy and the commonly known term in software development "separation of concerns"22:58
teK_in the thread they claim that systemd is a necessary and good step towards standardizing another linux layer22:59
prologicno no it is most certainly not23:00
prologicyou don't crete a new layer and new standard23:00
prologicby mashing together a bunch of other systems, libraries, and tools23:00
teK_problem is that the kernel peeps seem to be ok with that23:09
teK_they are happy to push off the hierarchy-thing for cgroups23:09
frinnstsup bitches?23:16
teK_foreced CRUX upon someone23:20
teK_he wants google authenticator now23:20
teK_installed linux-pam23:20
teK_passwd won't work anymore23:20
teK_copying a foreign system-auth casuses passwd/pam to segfault23:26
teK_grade A quality software!23:27
prologicnot CRUX's fault :)23:37
teK_well it's a port from contrib23:37
prologicthe kernel devs might be ok with cgroups23:37
prologicthat's fine23:37
teK_and it's totally broken23:37
teK_# passwd tek23:37
teK_zsh: segmentation fault  passwd tek23:37
prologicbut as a distribution, I'm not happy integrating systemd23:37
prologicI'd rather we integrate upstart23:37
prologicyeah we need to do more with quality control of our ports :)23:38
teK_looking forward to the discussion why my distro won't support pam23:43
prologicYou'r running CRUX right?23:50
teK_I am23:51
prologictbh I've only ever done pam based auth once on CRUX23:54
prologicprobably CRUX 2.5 iirc23:54
prologictry another version of pam?23:55
teK_it's the newest one.. why not23:56

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