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prologictry an older one?00:11
horrorStruckprologic: you shouldn't worry too much about systemd. AFAICT, it's inclusion has never ever been considered and general consensus is kill it with fire. Fredrik just wanted to see what it's about, that's all :)00:56
prologicwell good to know :)00:58
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jaegerI've used pam in crux back when I was building gnome3... it worked fine after recompiling things that used it like openssh, samba, etc.03:57
frinnstpam integration has been on my todo list for little over a year now. I wanted to test authenticating with my yubikeys05:54
juegood morning05:59
jueteK_: I'm aware of the groff warning, it's because of the kinda broken auto-stuff and the flag is still needed. You can see the difference if you remove the flag06:00
jueteK_: I don't get the tzcode md5sum error?06:01
juefrinnst: any issues with new btrfs-progs?06:04
frinnstnone yet06:14
frinnstshould be ok to push i think06:14
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teK_jue: strange.. do you fetch the file from, too? I double checked not having set a mirror09:36
jueteK_: there's indeed something wrong, the files from and are different, see here ->
juethe files *(1)* are from the ftp server10:06
teK_oh boy.. nice catch!10:07
juesorry, was AFK10:54
teK_no worries, thanks for checking out10:55
jueI'll switch the port to the ftp sources, gpg --verify works for that but not for the sources from http://10:55
teK_cool, ty10:56
juenp, thanks for the report10:59
Romsterhmm that is odd indeed11:00
teK_btw is someone here running a current crux installation with PAM enabled?11:02
juesorry, never used PAM with crux11:04
teK_it's funny because it's a major component of popular distros and I managed to get segfaults on _any_ config using the central pam_unix module :P11:05
teK_so I sincerely hope that this is my faul11:05
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jaegerI'm going to have to remove a big chunk of the older crux stuff from as part of the effort to find a new home for my server. Won't have as much disk space available after the move12:53
jaegerI may have to trim which ports I mirror in rsync as well, so we may have to remove from the "master" status on the mirrors page12:54
teK_'we' ordered a new server some days ago with plenty of space.. maybe I can fill in:)12:59
teK_do you have estimates on the required disk usage?13:02
jaegerthe FTP side is 19GB but that's a lot of stuff13:02
jaegercrux-0.9.2  crux-0.9.4  crux-1.1  crux-1.3  crux-2.1  crux-2.3  crux-2.5  crux-2.7    crux-2.8  latest13:02
jaegercrux-0.9.3  crux-1.0    crux-1.2  crux-2.0  crux-2.2  crux-2.4  crux-2.6  crux-2.7.1  crux-3.0  loop13:02
jaegerthe ports rsync repo is 774M13:03
jaegerI'll probably continue to mirror the full ports but definitely need to trim the FTP dir13:03
jaegerWith that said, perhaps we should consider removing some of our oldest stuff from rsync13:04
teK_I think I can host the FTP stuff13:04
teK_what is available via rsync? crux-*?13:05
jaegerback to 2.1 ports13:05
teK_well :p13:05
jaegerAnother option would be for me to put the FTP stuff into an amazon s3 storage and mount that via fuse13:07
teK_honestly? We have 2x3TB as RAID1 with 2-3 smallish VMs on this server13:08
teK_I think I can spare 20GB of space and you can keep your dollars :)13:09
teK_unless you insist I'm trying to help13:09
jaegerI don't mind at all, just thinking of options :)13:10
jaegernice of you to offer, definitely13:10
teK_no problem; it's all for the best of CRUX :}13:10
teK_btw what were these steps to automate ISO building you mentioned ealier last week?13:11
jaegerI'm just scripting the build so I can run it via cron weekly13:11
teK_I always thought about automating builds on this new server13:11
jaegerA bash script that executes the commands I run manually and checks their exit status13:11
jaegerI'll be happy to share it once I finish it13:11
frinnstwget -r13:35
frinnstyeah, wrong term13:35
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frinnstcrux porn! fetching everything from :)14:30
frinnstjaeger: did your old uni finally get tired of you? :)14:30
jaegerthey did, yeah14:35
frinnstwhen did you leave? ~10 years ago?14:36
jaegerabout 5 years ago14:46
frinnstthats nice of them15:10
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jaegerI'm surprised they let me host a server there for free for so long, really16:09
jaegeryou can also get the FTP site via rsync if that's more preferable16:09
frinnstwget seems to do the job16:50
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jaegereither should work, yeah :)17:59
jaegerteK_: you're the one who requested ufs/hfs+ for 3.1, right? Does that mean just the filesystem modules or also the BSD disklabel and macintosh partition layout supports?22:22
jaegerteK_: also does that mean ufs and hfs+ or just hfs+ really?22:42

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