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jaegerfinally built a system with the i686 overlay, no issues03:26
jaegera 3.0 system, that is03:26
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Amnesiadhcpcd 6.0.1 seems to be borken folks08:13
Amnesiait keeps thinking that my carrier's lost, while that's not the case08:13
AmnesiaI've downgraded to 5.6.8, and everything's fine08:13
Amnesiaso it looks like there's definitely some regression08:13
juesorry, but it works for me without issues08:14
juewhat's your start options?08:16
Amnesiastart options?08:20
Amnesiawhat exactly do you mean with start options?08:20
AmnesiaI'm just running it with the default config and without any arguments08:21
Amnesiaperhaps it's a conflict with my wifi module08:22
Amnesiadunno, there isn't a newer version of it:)08:22
jueare you using wpa_supplicant?08:23
juewell, may it's a problem with the new hook08:24
AmnesiaI'm not completely sure, but there's a possibility that it's also occuring with eth0, so without it08:24
Amnesiacurrently I'm working, so I can't spend too much time on it:P08:25
jueyou can try to remove /lib/dhcpcd/dhcpcd-hooks/10-wpa_suppliant08:25
juebut that's a wild guess ;)08:26
AmnesiaI'll give that a shot08:26
juethat hook is a new one, introduced with 6.008:26
Amnesiahm good one08:27
Amnesialet me have a look...08:27
Amnesiajue: mucho gracias08:34
Amnesiawasn't aware of the new hook08:35
Amnesiabut unhooking it does the job08:35
juenp, good to hear08:35
juewould be nice to report the issue upstream ->
Amnesiawill do08:40
Amnesiafirst I've got to finish my house though:P08:41
Amnesiabut yesterday I had an emergency shift, and was unable to log on to AP's08:41
AmnesiaI shouldn't be running crux on this box:-D08:41
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RomsterMISSING   5c2894e64f22336b0196d932e5aa5da2  dhcpcd-6.0.2.tar.bz210:14
RomsterNEW       9fffa6a4cd45f17f3d3f657a0b53915e  dhcpcd-6.0.2.tar.bz210:14
Romsteron top of that URL:
Romsterturns up 40410:27
Romster is the new URL10:27
jueRomster: the URL in the ports is and that works, but indeed he has changed the sources after release10:42
jueRomster: anyway, thanks for the report10:47
Romstertake  a closer look at # URL...11:04
Romsternot source= url.11:04
jueah, I see now what you mean :)11:05
Romsteryep :)11:06
Romstersorry i wasn't more descriptive.11:06
Romsterwas hoping you could of got that in with the md5sum update :)11:08
jaegerbuilding an updated ISO with xhci, hfsplus, f2fs today if anyone wants to play with those12:35
juejaeger: wrt i686 system, guess you are using my overlay from github for the test?12:47
jaegeryes. I meant to do that a long time ago but haven't had the time12:48
juegreat, good to know that it works ;)12:49
teK_jaeger: did I? Can't remember to. But as with nic and (s)ata controller drivers I think that we should include as much as possible12:57
jueteK_: sure you did, I've added it for you to our TODO31 page13:00
jueIIRC the request for the virtio drivers came from you too :)13:02
teK_I amthe driver guy13:02
jaegerok. well, added all the ones currently listed, unless I missed something. I've never worked with virtio myself13:05
teK_it simply sucks if you want to install CRUX and can't because of missing drivers (or EFI support)13:13
teK_it would not hurt at all if the ISO 'd grow to 300MB just because of drivers  (which it wouldnt I guess)13:13
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frinnstyeah its already too big for my 256mb usb stick :/14:34
horrorStruck(from 1992)14:36
jaegerUSB wasn't around in 1992 :D14:36
teK_so ; next target: 512MB in size14:37
horrorStrucknah, the trend is netinstalls14:37
horrorStruckbut that doesnt work in that case14:38
horrorStruckwell it doesnt on the kernel side14:39
horrorStruckbut it could work for userspace14:39
frinnstnetinstalls might work fine when your "normal" installmedia is ~4gb14:40
frinnsti'd say its pretty pointless for us :)14:40
frinnstTue Jul 14 06:33:23 CEST [Netapp01A: cf.rv.nicReset:error]: Reset cluster interconnect(s) due to unsynchronized log14:41
frinnstfuck you too, netapp14:41
frinnstits our old fucker14:41
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horrorStruckfrinnst: i meant: make the kernel huge but save space on userland by DL'ing only what you need. AND THIS TO EXPAND YOUR USB THUMBDRIVE'S LIFE SO DONT YOU DARE DOING ANYTHING BUT GOOGLE+ +1 ME14:46
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teK_netinstall is also neat if you boot via PXE etc so no need to touch any physical media14:50
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frinnstsilly horrorstruck, reporting bugs and thus delaying xorg-server 1.14.218:15
teK_shame on you!18:16
frinnstI hate mozilla. the release announcement mentioned NOTHING about security issues and the known-vuln. page did not include 22.021:09
frinnst(it does now)21:09
frinnstfucking impossible to keep track21:09
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