IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2013-06-26

jaegeruploading that test ISO finally if anyone's interested02:14
jaegerthough it occurs to me now that we don't have f2fs-progs yet02:17
jaegerother than in frinnst's repo, I think02:17
jaegeranyway, it has the f2fs, hfs+, virtio, and usb3 modules02:19
jaegerok, it's up - - 2013062502:21
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prologictest iso for?04:40
prologicjust an updated iso?04:40
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frinnstyeah with extra drivers08:18
teK_jaeger: \o/08:41
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jaegeroops, that ISO does have a pretty big flaw in it. I started a shell before module loading to test something last night and forgot to remove that shell invocation13:05
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jaegermakes installation with a USB keyboard very tough13:07
jaegerI'll fix that and upload a new one once I get my workstation back up13:07
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jaegersepen: are you planning to add an icon theme back to the xfce4 ports in the future? It looks really odd without most of its icons14:20
sepenyep, could be possible14:23
sepenany icon-theme in particular?14:24
jaegerIs there no longer an official one for xfce4? That would be hard to imagine14:28
jaegerI guess xfce 4.4.3 was the last to have the official one... that's weird14:40
jaegerDo they expect you to have no icons or to install the icon theme from 4.4.3?14:40
jaegerOr perhaps to install some other icons entirely?14:40
sepenhmm need to read xfce's ML before14:41
sepencan't remember exactly for why they decide to stop icon support on releases14:41
jaegerDon't spend time on it for me, I'm just testing XFCE again after not using it for quite some time14:43
jaegerNot sure if I will use it full time14:43
sepen'Sure there is no icon theme (nobody had time to port Rodent to XDG14:48
sepenspecs). Stephan has started a new theme but it's far from complete'14:48
sepenjaeger: the fact is that at least I should provide more info in xfce4's README file14:48
sepenI used to install an icon-theme on my home and later use .gtkrc.mine14:50
sepentango-icon-theme could be a nice to have dep14:50
sepenbut really is not a dep you need to build or to run xfce414:51
jaegergood to know, no big deal14:54
sepenfound it14:55
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jaegerah, back to crux on my workstation here again15:53
frinnsti run xfce on a debian-jessie laptop, latest update really fucked it up16:14
frinnstlooks like shite16:14
frinnstlots of system icons missing etc16:15
jaegerIs there any functional difference between using .ttf or .otf fonts such as the adobe source pro sets?16:18
frinnstnot for freetype as far as i can tell16:23
frinnstttf is supposedly a bit more limited in general16:23
frinnstbut more "compatible"16:24
jaegerI installed the OTF versions just because I've never used them, nothing has complained so far :)16:25
frinnstjaeger: what kernel do you have on those iso's?17:59
frinnstdoh, no btrfstune on the install media?18:00
frinnst20:08 <xming> sigh, it can't find :/18:14
frinnstdid you add lzo to the iso userspace?18:14
jaegerpossibly not18:18
jaegerkernel 3.9.718:18
jaegerI'll add lzo and upload the ISO with fixed init18:20
jaegerbtrfstune should be there, though18:21
frinnstdunno, just forwarding :)18:26
frinnst20:00 <xming> kernel 3.9.7 and no btrfstune :(18:27
frinnstsomeone needed a "livecd" to enable btrfs skinny extents with btrfstune, gave him the url you posted before18:27
jaegerbtrfstune is in /sbin in rootfs18:28
jaegerI'll double check, putting the new one on a USB stick18:30
jaegera very slow USB stick :P18:37
jaegerok, the new one works better18:41
jaegercharming how chromium thinks java that I downloaded today is out of date19:41
teK_I hear they have a bug bounty program, maybe they know about some unreleased vulns ;)19:45
frinnstwell to be honest, the plugin probably contain a lot of security issues ;)19:46
jaegerI imagine it does but telling the user that the current one is out of date is just stupid20:58
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jaegerfrinnst: did that guy try the newer ISO by chance?23:12
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