IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2013-06-27

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frinnsti think he found another livecd to use06:37
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Romsterwhat do you think so far of the version sort tool
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jaegerlooks ok to me but not sure what you're asking12:50
Romster and of a xorg lib url.12:50
Romsterit's a sorting system for files. at some point it'll replace my existing
Romsterand it'll be database driven and command line use.12:51
Romsterit's my ck4up done differently far more work though.12:52
Romsterbut no static database of page has been checked. rather it'll compare if Pkgfile's version= matches or is a newer one available.12:52
Romsterthese are simple tests i've ran it though gentoos mirror with a 60% match rate so far.12:53
Romsterbut this time i got help and it's being written in python.12:55
jaegerargh, automake broke mate again13:07
Romsterblame frinnst :D13:22
jaegerdoesn't really matter, already worked around it... it's just annoying13:23
Romstergot some improvements done already
Romsterso what was it this time jaeger ?14:00
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jaegerthe mate autogen stuff just checks up to 1.13, not 1.1414:08
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Romsterthat's not the fault of autoconf then14:51
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jaegerRomster: .gitignore seems to be in the emulators httpup REPO file18:52
jaegerthough maybe I should be reporting it to nogagplz18:54
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Romsterjaeger, i can fix that later22:43

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