IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2013-06-29

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frinnstso firefox 23 will support gstreamer for <video> stuff (--enable-gstreamer)13:42
frinnstthoughts about that? move gstreamer to opt, include it on the iso?13:43
frinnstbuild without it?13:43
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juefrinnst: gstreamer is already in opt, do we need plugins as well?15:37
juesorry, but never used gstreamer myself, so I've no idea how useful it is15:38
frinnstme neither ;)16:34
frinnsti thought it was in contrib16:34
frinnstmy bad16:34
frinnstwell it handles the support for h26416:35
frinnsti havent started playing with it just quite yet16:36
frinnsti suspect you need gst-plugins-bad16:37
frinnstor even -ugly16:37
jueoops, that pulls in another pile of deps16:48
frinnsthalf the internet16:48
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frinnstgst-plugins-base and its deps to allow it to compile17:21
frinnstwhat the fuck, how is ldap pulled into a "prt-get depinst gst-good/bad/ugly" ?17:57
frinnstthe horror18:06
frinnstdoh, 8gb ramdisk not enough to build firefox18:57
frinnstbah, it accepts the codec but no video is displayed21:01
frinnstwell probably not firefox's fault: ** Message: don't know how to handle video/x-h26421:38
frinnstRomster: what else is required? i've installed gstreamer along with its four horsemen of the apocalypse and all its dependencies21:39
frinnstgst-launch playbin uri= <- no luck21:39
frinnstgst-ffmpeg maybe?21:41
frinnstok, so gst-ffmpeg and gst-plugins-good are required21:52
jaegeryuck :P23:13

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