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jaegeryeesh, had to go all the way back to 3.6.x to get usb storage working again... wonder what the hell happened01:51
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Romstermajor regression?02:48
Romsternrxtx, looks useful i'd like a tool like that02:49
Romsterwonder why boost isn't in that list?02:53
Romsterbbl work02:53
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jaegeras a data point regarding firefox builds, 4GB is not enough, 5GB is12:44
Romsteri never measured it far as big goes texlive beats em all13:01
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nrxtxRomster: seems like qemu does not use boost21:15
Romsternrxtx, oh did you only test one package and not the entire system? I'm not sure if i shuld bump boost as it breaks other stuff for a recompile now.... i have in the past. and i'm getting to work now and got another urgent thing to do and no time ot do it in so it's gnna have to wait and be posted to pearth instead. great wehn things do not go to plan22:54
nrxtxRomster: i only tested "qemu-system-x86_64" executable22:56
jaegerwhich was in the paste, for reference22:56
nrxtxit only can test currently installed binaries22:56
nrxtxbecause it uses ldd to identify linked / solved libraries22:57
Romsteryeah i realise it'll only test installed22:58
Romsterthought those were /all/ the ports that contianed libraries that would break f bumped...22:58
Romsterobviously there is far more22:58
Romster2 mintes to get too work wont make it sigh22:58
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jaegernrxtx: did you code a python pkgutils lib or just make shell calls to ldd/pkginfo/etc. ?23:15
jaegerI've been toying with the idea of writing some python package tools for a while, just curious23:15
nrxtxreading the footprints manually into a database and calling ldd directly23:18
nrxtxno package yet23:18
jaegerah, fair enough. much simpler :)23:18
nrxtxfor my system it results in a 25MB sqlite database conatining all file <-> port references23:20
nrxtxplaying around with it a bit for example to find files not belonging to any package23:22
jaegerMakes sense, though a small issue comes to mind23:22
jaegerIf you install a port with a new file footprint mismatch it won't be detected23:22
jaegerCould cause some false positives for the "files not belonging to any package" case23:23
nrxtxsure currently you have to rebuild the database every time you add/delete/change packages23:23
jaegerThat's not what I meant, though23:24
nrxtxah ok23:24
nrxtxgot it23:24
jaegerone example is gtk23:24
nrxtxyeah this won't be detected23:24
jaegerif you install gtk with cups, you get a couple new files23:24
jaegerthey don't exist in the gtk footprint but they do now exist on the system and in the package database23:25
jaegerwould be fairly easy to solve by reading the package db instead of the footprint files, though23:25
nrxtxcurrently my script is just some fast written code for getting ideas23:28
nrxtxso if some get usefull it can be written better23:29
jaegerSorry, I don't mean to sound like I'm complaining, it's a useful tool :)23:29
nrxtxwhere is the packagedb currently?23:30
jaeger /var/lib/pkg/db23:31
nrxtxlooks good, should be easy to use this instead of footprint files23:32
jaegeryeah, very simple format23:32
nrxtxeven tough you have read it again after package add/delete/update23:33
nrxtxi think this is what Romster thought about: (did not check indirect linkage, libx -> liby -> executable)23:36
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RoomsterI'd use the database file for pkgadd than the .footprints23:39
nrxtxthis was just a list, which ports will be broken if you dump openssl port :D (if you saw the new pastebin link)23:45
nrxtxgn8 everyone23:51

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