IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2013-07-04

jaegerteK_, frinnst: were you guys able to mirror the ftp site data without any trouble?02:34
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Roomsterjaeger, how big isit i can mirror it on my site possibly. on 100mbit so it wouldn't take long03:02
jaeger~20GB. pretty sure teK_ and frinnst already have copies of the data and I also have it mirrored at home, just curious03:09
Roomsteri have 23GB of space atm03:10
Roomsterhow much of it is really required though? ideally want to keep all the older iso's for historical reasons03:10
Roomsterand any docs on chroots,toolchains other setup guies03:11
Roomsterarn't they all on too?03:12
jaegermaybe, haven't checked03:12
Roomsterexcept your updated iso's03:12
jaegerlooks like they're not03:13
jaegerwhich isn't a surprise, really, since we mostly suggest torrents03:14
Roomsterhmm what's the rsync address i'll make a copy to be sure. can always trim off files later on03:15
Roomsterhow soon isit being moved anyways?03:15
jaegerNot sure, really. Sometime in the next few weeks, I hope03:15
jaegerMy co-founder and I are working on converting it all to a chef repo for maintenance currently03:16
jaegerWith that said, we decided to go with a linode VPS instead of EC2 for costs and see how that goes03:16
jaegerthe plan we're going to use has 96GB storage which will probably mean that I don't have to clean it up03:16
jaegerI might do it anyway, though, just to clear out stuff that isn't useful anymore. after all, no point in downloading crux 0.9.2 when you can't get port updates for it anymore, etc.03:17
jaegerfeel free to exclude 'loop' from the rsync, it's just a loopback-mounted ISO03:17
Roomsterrsync -av --exclude loop foo .03:19
Roomsterthat good enough?03:19
jaegershould be, I think03:19
Roomsterok running03:22
Roomsterseems the mirrors have soem of the stuff but not all of it03:23
jaegerunrelated to that, I booted my gaming machine at home into crux for the first time in months... it needs a LOT of updates03:23
jaegeryeah, I don't think any other mirror has all of those03:24
Roomsteri booted one pc into crux last night tht i hadn't turnedon in a month, being a fst pc over distcc for pkgmk too only took 20 minutes to be updated.03:25
jaegerI'm working on my laptop anyway at the moment so I'm just letting it sysup while I work03:25
Roomsteri'll be able to use 14 cores on distcc now.03:25
Roomstersaving to here
Roomsteri think i started using crux 2.103:28
Roomsterthese other contrbuted iso's do they have git trees? for iso.git03:47
Roomsteri'm guessing most don't or don't exist anymore.03:47
Roomsteron another note04:15
Roomsterwhy is dialog on gentoo on a different site and older? to ours in opt.04:16
Roomsterdid another dev take over ownership?04:16
Roomsteri'm wondering because i cn't get whdd to compile it requires a library out of dialog. and none exist in opt/dialog04:17
Roomster whdd Pkgfile04:21
Roomsteri probably should of asked in #crux04:27
Roomsterjaeger, rsync is done04:30
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teK_jaeger: not yet18:44
teK_new server still is not yet set up18:44
teK_stupid exams :|18:44
jaegerno worries, just curious18:45
frinnstsilly dns-ttl's19:30
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