IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2013-07-09

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jaegerI randomly searched the forums for 'CRUX' and was surprised at how many posts I found13:51
Romsteram i mentioned :D14:10
jaegeryour repo was in some of them14:11
Romsteri remember seeing some blog entries ages ago but wasn't on that site.14:11
Romsterjeepers there is alot on that site mentioning crux.14:12
jaegerthe mineos guy stopped using crux for mineos, on a side note14:41
jaegerI wondered why we hadn't had many people asking about it lately. :)14:42
Romsteroh i thought that was still going.14:45
Romsterthey using tiny core linux now... as if crux was not tiny enough.14:46
Romsteroh wait that was before they used crux...14:47
jaegerturnkey is the current one, I think14:48
Romster Congratulations! The Hiawatha webserver has successfully been installed14:48
Romsterwell that site is nuked. i guess14:48
jaegerthink he moved from his VPS to EC2 recently, probably something about it in the forum14:50
Romsterno great loss we got the best distro anyways14:54
Romsteri really don't understand why they did not just make a Pkgfile of there minecraft stuff.14:54
frinnstprobably because the typical minecraft player just want it working :)14:55
Romsterso basically take a experienced user crux and dumb it down to the gamers who just wanna play minecraft.14:57
jaegermost of the people who used it seemed to want a turnkey solution, not to be linux-savvy14:57
Romsterbecause they are gamers not tech savy users like us14:58
horrorStruckto be fair it was designed for minecraft servers, not clients15:07
jaegerIt's also designed to be mostly web-driven15:07
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