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RomsterteK_, i feel like implementing pkgmk downloads to md5sum/filename for stuff that has no version strings. that would avoid having to move wget out of source=() as that now breaks me mirroring the source on my server.02:47
Romsteroops ip02:47
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Romsterthen having pkgmk look in $PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR/ md5sum as got out of .md5sum file /filename02:49
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teK_yeah Romster the old and the current version of the pkgfile are shitty..08:34
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sepensource for libpcre failed to me, am I the only one?09:54
sepennow I'm using
sepen*err, tar.bz209:55
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Romsterhi jue10:24
sepenjue: should I bump a new pkg-get release?10:31
juesure, guess you've done some improvements or fixes?10:33
sepencompression-mode support10:33
juegreat, the first commit after nearly 7 years ;)10:36
sepennice software, 7 years without bugs :D10:37
Romsteruntil now :P just kidding.10:38
sepenI've an improvement for pkg-repgen;a=blob_plain;f=tools/pkg-get/repgen-prtdir_support.diff10:39
sepenimho, pkg-get is still usable and the best way to maintain a centralizated pkgdir when NFS is not possible due to firewalls, etc.10:41
jueindeed, its well done, used it in the past and never had issues with it10:43
sepenlong life for pkg-get ;)10:44
juesepen: your patch for repgen looks good to me10:44
juedon't forget to adjust the man-page10:45
sepenand copyright years if needed10:45
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juefrinnst: just uploaded a new btrfs-progs tarball, version is 2013070512:05
jaegersepen: it failed for someone else, too, but seems to be a localized routing issue, doesn't affect everyone12:20
jaegerif it needs to be changed I have no objections12:20
sepenwe can wait12:21
sepenalso prtchecks via email will inform us tonight12:22
sepenI am not in favor of changing anything unless the error persists12:23
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frinnstjue, yeah im already running it from git14:21
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