IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2013-07-11

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jaegerfrinnst: a win for the open source ati driver today... have a user who's on ubuntu 12.04 with an ATI FireGL Pro V3700 and 2 24" NEC IPS monitors15:02
jaegerthe fglrx driver was causing all kinds of artifacts and extra copies of windows on screen15:02
jaegeruninstalled it and tried the xorg ati driver, seems ok so far15:02
frinnstyeah it runs quite smooth19:01
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jaegerfrinnst: that card has an older chipset anyway at this point so I figure the performance difference is likely minimal if there is any at all20:32
jaegerRV620, I believe20:32
frinnsti have a Radeon HD 575020:56
frinnstI'd read up before buying the latest gen as the support lags behind a few months20:57
jaegerI ordered some 7750s because ubuntu 12.04 has a 2 year old bug with nvidia drivers (closed or open) that they can't seem to fix :P20:57
jaegerspecifically their compiz plugin, unity20:58
jaegermakes window maximizes and some moves horrendously slow20:58
jaegerif you remember me talking about it taking 5+ seconds to open new terminals sometimes, that was this issue20:58
frinnstmeh, early bed tonight.. this batch of man-flu seems very persistent21:01
jaegeryuck. hope you're better soon21:02

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