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jaegerwe renamed the wpa config file but the dhcpcd hook for it doesn't seem to do anything19:08
juejaeger: works for me, the hook starts wpa_supplicant for my wlan interface19:45
jaegerWithout any tweaking?19:48
jaegerI see no errors but wpa_supplican't start... if I run /lib/dhcpcd/dhcpcd-run-hooks it exits with 0 status but does not start wpa_supplicant19:49
jaegerargh, thanks for fucking that line up, irssi19:49
jaeger"I see no errors but wpa_supplicant doesn't start" is what that should have said19:49
juethe interface exists?19:49
jaegeryes... eth0 and wlan0 exist, though eth0 isn't connected currently19:50
jaegerIf I start wpa_supplicant myself it works as expected but dhcpcd doesn't seem to call it via its hook19:50
juehave you tried a 'dhcpcd wlan0'19:50
jaegerI don't specify the interface since I switch between wired and wireless sometimes. I'll try that19:51
jaegerno change19:53
jaegerhrmm... wonder if I can get hook debug logs19:53
juehmm, that's strange19:54
jaegerwith debug output enabled I do see that it's executing dhcpcd-run-hooks but that's all19:55
jaegerhrmm... adding some echo statements to dhcpcd-run-hooks seems to indicate that it is running the wpa_supplicant hook19:58
jaegerI'm going to reinstall wpa_supplicant and dhcpcd, something is broken but I can't see what19:59
jaegerrunning the hook manually not only does not run wpa_supplicant but it doesn't even output anything19:59
juethat doesn't work, because the hook needs some paramters20:02
jaegerI tried giving it the PREINIT and interface params but it didn't like my invocations20:10
jaegersame results after reinstalling so it wasn't some obscure linking issue or anything like that20:11
jaegerwell, I must be doing something wrong but no idea what it is20:15
jaegerah ha, $ifwireless is evaluating to 0 for me20:16
jaegerNo idea how that's being set, though, it's not set by the hooks20:17
jueguess thats evaluated by dhcpcd itself20:19
jaegerjue: if you run iwconfig without args does your wireless interface show up properly? mine says "no wireless extensions". which is probably because I don't have WEXT compat enabled in my kernel20:19
jaegerI'll try enabling that and see if it works then20:19
jaegerMy guess is dhcpcd is checking for those extensions20:19
jueyep, it shows the interface correct20:20
jaegerdo you have CONFIG_CFG80211_WEXT enabled?20:21
jaegerrebooting now, will know soon :)20:22
jaegeryep, that was it. Sorry for the noise, though I did learn something20:24
juegood to know that we need that option20:25
jaegeryes, true20:25
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