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prologicWho developers pet-get these days?02:10
Romstercptn i think?02:33
Romsterhe still does it's stable so you never see any version updates.02:33
Romsterexcept that bug i hit on cyclic dependencies02:34
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prologicIs that Per Liden?03:42
prologicor some other guy?03:42
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RomsterJohannes Winkelmann08:56
Romsterwho ever that was.08:56
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jaegerprologic: <-- cptn is on the right12:24
Romsterjaeger, i'm not sure how to deal with imodules on gtk-32 bump.13:06
Romsteriirc per liden went by <per> on irc.13:07
Romsterbut i'm probably wrong.13:07
Romsterresult = g_build_filename (GTK_SYSCONFDIR, "gtk-2.0", "gtk.immodules", NULL);13:09
Romsterstr = g_build_filename (GTK_SYSCONFDIR, "gtk-2.0", "gtkrc", NULL);13:09
Romsteras if it's now configured in gtkrc configuration file.13:09
Romsterperhaps we need s/gtkrc/gtkrc-3213:10
Romsterand add agtkrc-32 in /usr/etc/gtk-2.0/ to point to the correct gtk.immodules-32 now.13:11
jaegerper went by "pli"13:17
jaegerNo idea on that, I've never had to mess with a gtkrc on 32-bit gtk apps13:17
jaegerTest it and if it works, feel free to change it, I'd say13:17
Romsteri'm too tired to do that now.13:20
frinnstjaeger: who's on the left?13:25
jaegerIf gtk and gtk-32 use the same gtkrc file your gtk behavior should be consisten, at least13:25
jaegerfrinnst: jue13:25
frinnst ?13:25
jaegerthat's jdolan13:25
jaeger905 is Per13:26
jaeger907 is sip13:26
frinnstah, then i know everyone :)13:26
Romsterwondewr if per still wears that shirt.13:28
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jaegerjue: If I remember correctly you're the other dovecot user around here besides me, do you know if it supports delivery to maildir and mbox on the same system? For example 'usera' uses mbox and 'userb' uses maildir21:14
jaegerthere's a FAQ about a single user with both maildir and mbox stores but not quite what I'm wondering21:15
jaegerJust a curiosity, I can't think of a good reason to actually do it this way on a production mail server21:23
frinnsti also use dovecot but i dont use maildir22:21
jaegerok, good to know22:22
jaegerI'm a big fan of maildir for performance but I still have a server out there using mbox... will be converting it soon which is fortunately a pretty easy process22:23
frinnstI just use it for myself and my dad, hardly "production" :)22:42
frinnsti was setting up a backup for him, to save it on one of my boxes.. been running for 6hrs now - 1.1gb saved23:29
frinnstyay for consumer adsl connections23:29

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