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Romsterno one answered my question :/08:17
Romsterpushing it as i think breakage is minimal to non-existent.08:17
frinnstwhy would it break?08:37
Romsterx.9.x to x.10.x on libs doesn't that break ABI stuff?08:44
Romsterliek i did with ICU or that only happens on the major numbers?08:44
Romsterie i'm trying to not do something stupid again...08:44
frinnstguess it depends on depending programs links against the symlink or whatever09:20
jueRomster: why not at least a [notify] commit?11:46
jueRomster: your update is not ABI compatible and you have to recompile every dependent port11:48
jueRomster: is it really that difficult? ;)11:48
jueRomster: if you are not sure to which part of a library the dependent prog links to, you can see it best with ldd12:02
jueRomster: in our case a 'ldd /usr/bin/glxgears | grep GLEW' shows
jueRomster: your update installs, thus the update breaks at least mesa.demos12:05
teK_hey folks :}14:08
teK_back from the dead, you surely must have missed me14:09
jueteK_: of course :)16:19
jaegerwelcome back16:24
frinnstoh god, not this guy again!17:18
frinnstits been so calm!17:18
teK_frinnst: serves you right. vacation IS over after all17:57
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teK_seven new mirrors for CRUX18:58
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jaegerprologic: ever figure out the lightdm issue? I built it on my laptop but haven't done much troubleshooting yet19:48
jaegerbeyond linux from scratch... or maybe a puking sound19:50
jaegerHrmm... I wonder if I should leave shadow's pam.d files alone or use my own19:50
teK_last time I tried to use PAM was a complete desaster.. are you using our port?19:52
jaegerI made my own19:53
jaegerthe one in contrib doesn't even build with fakeroot currently19:53
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jaegerwant me to paste mine somewhere?19:56
jaegeror upload, since it has a few config files19:56
teK_trying to remember what want wrong the last time19:58
teK_I think auth went completely nuts for SSH etc19:58
jaegerMine has ssh, login, sudo, su control files. definitely not a full set but it works so far20:03
jaegeralso other, useradd, usermod, passwd20:03
jaegerI removed all the ones created by shadow, though, I might go back to them if they work fine, save some effort20:03
teK_I tried coying over gentoo's stuff which did not work out at all :p20:08
teK_I guess we should replace the current pam port and replace it by yours..20:10
jaegerI'll do some more testing and usage before I consider it production-ready but I don't mind sharing it once it's stable20:11
teK_mind giving me a quick pasty? :)20:12
frinnstbeyond lfs :). no notes on lightdm there?20:16
jaegernot that I saw, no20:16
teK_thank you20:17
teK_Oblivion or Mud?20:19
teK_I tend to Mud.20:20
teK_and talk about movies to watch during the next 1.5 hours20:20
jaegerI will be out of town August 1st to 6th, just so you guys know20:24
jaegerVacation so I'm not planning to take laptops, etc.20:24
teK_good for you20:25
teK_have fun20:25
jaegerThanks :)20:25
teK_ :o20:29
teK_is that true?20:31
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jaegerI think that's all meant to be funny but who knows, these days20:35
teK_no in the sense of distraction tactics in the current NSA case20:37
jaegerno idea on that, hehe20:37
teK_ok :o20:37
teK_btw the common-files .. where did you take them from?20:38
jaegerI didn't... I just got tired of typing the same thing over and over and figured they could be useful20:40
jaegerIn the default case it doesn't save much time or typing but if you wanted to add more generic default config it might20:40
teK_but they are listed in the source() but not in the paste ;)20:40
jaegerthey're very simple, common-auth for example just has 2 lines:20:40
teK_would you mind? :-)20:40
jaegerauth required pam_shells.so20:40
jaegerauth required pam_unix.so20:40
jaegersure, sec20:40
jaegerkeep in mind this is a WIP20:41
jaegerMaybe it would make sense to put PAM-enabled versions of ports into a separate repository20:44
jaegershadow, sudo, sshd, samba, etc.20:44
teK_some should only required a working version of pam installed to build with support for it?20:44
teK_(which is the right thing, imho)20:44
teK_but yeah shadow etc. would need separate copies20:45
jaegerIn many cases that is all that's required but in some cases we have explicitly disabled pam support in the Pkgfile20:45
jaegershadow, for example20:45
teK_btw is pulse audio or kmixer etc the only way to get mplayer to play things more loudly20:46
jaegerthere are some other changes required on occasion, like login.defs has a few lines that don't work with the pam version of shadow20:46
jaegerthrows errors when you try to log in20:46
teK_hehe yes, seen these errors, too ;)20:47
jaeger* and / should change the volume in mplayer20:47
teK_softvol seems to do the job :)20:48
teK_yeah I know the shortcuts but I need moar volume than 100% ;)20:48
jaegerthen I would guess you'd need to mess with the mixer, yeah20:48
teK_ -softvol -softvol-max 200 works just fine20:49
teK_awesome thingy that player ;)20:49
nrxtxfor those who are interested for testing the idea: a small script which can lookup the run-time port dependencies needed for a installed executable/port22:26
Romsterjue,  i god damn asked and no one blooody replied meh22:46
Romstersick of this22:46
Romster<Romster> hmm not sure if i shoudl push glew and glew-32 1.9.0 -> 1.10.0, feel as if it'll be another case of breaking stuff that can be postponed until later.22:47
Romster<Romster> s/shoudl/should22:47
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Romster<Romster> no one answered my question :/22:47
Romster<Romster> pushing it as i think breakage is minimal to non-existent.22:47
Romster<frinnst> yawn22:47
Romster<frinnst> why would it break?22:47
Romster<Romster> x.9.x to x.10.x on libs doesn't that break ABI stuff?22:47
Romster<Romster> liek i did with ICU or that only happens on the major numbers?22:47
Romster<Romster> ie i'm trying to not do something stupid again...22:47
Romster<frinnst> guess it depends on depending programs links against the symlink or whatever22:47
Romsterheading to work22:48
nrxtxRomster: you could try a quick check on the libs by using "nm -D | grep " T " | awk '{ print $3}' | sort" and make a diff between x.9.x and x.10.x22:56
prologicjaeger:  no I haven't had much of a chance during the evenings this week23:18
prologicmight have another look this weekend though23:19
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