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jaegerRomster: my power has been out for over a day at home so I missed it... you could wait a bit more for responses00:11
prologicZNC ftw :)00:17
jaegerYou'll notice I was still online :) Just wasn't around to look at it :)00:18
prologicgood man :)00:18
prologicDoes Romster use a proxy/bouncer?00:18
prologicIt really is invaluable :)00:18
jaegerI don't even use a bouncer, I just have irssi running on my VPS00:20
jaegerJust been pretty busy lately00:20
prologicirssi running in screen is as good as a bouncer :)00:23
prologicjust that you can't connect to it remotely :)00:24
jaegerAll the locations at which I spend time I have ssh access, so it's all good00:29
prologicheh :)00:49
prologicI guess I like using X-Chat on the desktop at home, Colluquy on the Mac at work and iPad :)00:49
jaegerI use irssi always, except for rarely andchat on my tablet00:52
Romsternrxtx, jue yeah i'll check with ldd i wasn't too sure.02:22
Romsterprologic, i've been to lazy to setup znc02:22
Romsteri have a generator at home for such long power outages jaeger might be an idea if that happens abit.02:23
Romsterand since i got one i haven't had to use it yet, go figure.02:24
jaegerYeah, we don't have these too often so I'm hesitant to buy one02:27
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prologicthey're pretty cheap these days03:16
prologicyou can buy nice and quiet 3kW generators03:16
nrxtxRomster: i think i'll also update the script later for checking which installed ports depend on a specific port, so it can show which installed package may break if you change a port06:22
nrxtxthis may help showing the risc of a broken port06:22
jueRomster: sorry, I read your question too late06:51
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Romsteri got a 2.8kw generator sitting in the shed waiting for use07:52
Romsterjue, i'll check with ldd in future.07:53
Romsteri wasn't quite sure and it's only 1 port that depends on glew officially.07:53
Romsterand one that's not often used.07:53
Romsteri probably didn't wait long enough either. i have very little spare time. and i get this weekend off. first weekend off in 8 weeks in a row now.07:55
frinnstcifs is the spawn of satan08:32
Romsterglad i'm not using it.08:36
Romsterisn't that the newer protocol of windows sharing?08:36
Romsterthought so, what's right with it (not what's wrong with it)08:36
Romsterbe a shorter list :D08:36
Romsteroh screw it still errors out08:44
Romsterand wrong channel08:50
jaegercifs is deprecated, actually, SMB2 is the new hot shit11:49
jaegerthough in the linux kernel the cifs module handles both11:50
Romsteroh wasn't aware of that i thought cifs was the newer protocol over SMB111:59
frinnstyeah and the filer uses smb2 too12:46
frinnststill shit :)12:46
jaegerthat gmp-32 header thing seems pretty ghetto to me13:00
jaegerwhy not set it up the same way as python and python-32?13:00
jaegerfor reference CLFS does them both in the same way13:04
jaeger <-- a quick version for gmp13:05
Romsteri was looking over arch13:22
Romsterguess i'll look at doing that...13:23
jaegerI'll do it if you'd prefer not to mess with it so soon again13:23
Romsterbut it'll need to be done in core. i have no core access13:23
Romsterdude it took me a few hours to get wine iexplore to even work without errors. -_-13:23
Romstergo for it but do test that nettle-32 make check works and wine iexplore https://google.com13:24
Romsterif it breaks that don't push those changes13:24
jaegerI do try to always test before pushing, no worries there13:24
jaegerI'm definitely not a fan of adding weird header locations or any kind of include32 stuff, it'll get messy and inconsistent13:25
Romsternettle-32 has some really strange behavior it must have that gcc -m32 despite -m32 being in CFLAGS CXXFLAGS and LDFLAGS13:25
jaegerok, will keep that in mind when I test it13:25
Romsterif you can find the issue go for it.13:25
jaegerI'm more concerned about the gmp headers than nettle13:26
Romsterplus i forgot to do ABI=32 in libgmp-32 -_-13:26
Romsteri'm just glad ti now works.13:26
Romsteri was at the point of doing it like arch is to rule out other breakage...13:26
Romsterthe thoguht if ifdef-ing the header for multilib use didn't cross my mind...13:27
jaegerIt's the exact same situation as pyconfig.h we ran into before13:27
Romsteri should be doing that more often.13:27
Romsteryeah i forgot to even do it that way. this bug was hard enough to track down.13:27
Romsterfeel free to fix it like python is13:28
jaegerI'll look into it today, got some work to do first13:28
Romsteri still got to fix gtk-3213:28
Romsteri was thinking of doing it how LFS is.13:28
Romsterexcept i'd probably do -32 than use the -BUILDENV then sed it after.13:29
jaegerok, fixed libgmp, libgmp-32, and nettle-32 on my laptop, building wine to test14:17
jaegernettle-32's make check passed perfectly even without the CC voodoo14:17
Romsterhrmm i don't know what caused that to be necessary14:41
jaegerccache/distcc, probably14:42
Romsterbut i tested and it broke without that14:42
Romsteri tried without that too.14:42
jaegerwell, after I test and make sure things work, I'll upload them somewhere so you can test it as well14:42
jaegerok, wine finished building... what problem were you guys seeing? If I run wine iexplore https://google is that a sufficient test or am I looking for anything specific?15:16
jaegergot several prompts complaining about the cert15:18
jaeger3, specifically15:19
jaegersame result using both 32- and 64-bit WINEARCH15:19
jaegerif you want to try the ports,
Romsterwine iexplore is sufficient and make check on nettle-3216:26
Romsteri'll look into it after i sleep.16:27
jaegerIt did browse fine, just prompted 3 times about the cert16:29
Romsteryeah some other stuff needs fixing for that but at least it's not crashing.16:30
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