IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2013-07-27

Romsterjaeger, your changes work fine, i can do the compat-32 stuff changes but i need soeone to bump libgmp in core with that change, although i think we all should test that core/libgmp change does not break the compiler gcc or any of it's dependent libs. i doubt it would but i'd rather be sure than be yelled at :P02:00
jaegerI'll test it with a bootstrap, easy enough02:03
Romsteri can't see how it could break but better safe than sorry.02:04
jaegeryeah, should work fine, like python02:05
Romsterstill got some certificate warnings with iexplore but at least that error is still gone.02:05
Romsteri ought to learn to mess with headers more like you do.02:05
Romsteri know some of autmoake and Makefile stuff now.02:06
jaegerdeveloping the multilib infrastructure was extremely useful in learning that stuff02:06
jaegerI know jack about autotools, on the other hand02:06
Romsterm4 macros sometimes gets confusing though02:06
Romsteryou don't wanna i spent weeks trying to figure stuff out and barely scratched the surface.02:07
jaegerok, bootstrap is started, will know in 5ish hours02:07
Romsterdrayevarg isn't around and he left me bearly any useable results regarding the certificate warning.02:08
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jaegerRomster: bootstrap finished without errors12:23
Romsteras expected. i just got home.16:12
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