IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2013-07-29

Romsterjaeger, are you able to push that libgmp commit?02:36
Romsterfor core?02:36
Romsteri had all weekend to fix crux stuff but come monday morning then i get a bug report...02:39
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Romsterhave we ever thought of a mask of say crux/developer/Romster02:48
Romsterthen again i dunno if anyone wants to change there mask.02:48
frinnstanybody know how to disable the mask? i just got myself a vanityhost that i want to show off :P07:18
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Romsterask in #help08:06
Romsteris it or something?08:06
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Romsterlol what the domain disabled08:07
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frinnstheh, nah only my own domain08:50
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jaegerI'll push it this morning if I wasn't already beaten to it13:26
jaegerwas moving last night13:26
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