IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2013-08-06

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frinnstRomster: thoughts on moving libvdpau to xorg?14:28
frinnst(you maintain it in contrib today) :)14:28
frinnstteK_: may i suggest you change the servers in ntpd.conf ? perhaps?16:31
frinnstor even
juefrinnst: ever tried chrony?16:35
frinnstadvantages over ntp/ntpdate/rdate ?16:39
frinnst :)16:39
frinnstmight be useful for my desktops16:40
juemost noticable it can deal with much higher time-diffs in a sane way16:40
frinnsthmm, yeah that would be useful for my r-pi :)16:41
jue- it's much faster in correcting your time16:41
jue- it's very well maintained nowadays16:42
jueusing it on every box in my network, on master on my router all other boxes are clients syncing to the router16:43
frinnstheads up: im about to push nss 3.15.1 and firefox 2316:43
frinnstnss 3.15 is required for 2316:44
jueoops :)16:44
frinnstsepen has a patch ready for chromium, hopefully he will push it soon16:45
frinnstdunno about thunderbird, rotwang seems pretty afk these days16:45
juefrinnst: another nice detail is the chronyc program, which can by used to monitor/control a running chronyd daemon16:46
juewell, you see I like it ;)16:46
frinnstok, my pi thinks its may 6, lets see how fast chrony will fix that :D16:49
frinnstSubject: Firefox 23 is now available16:52
frinnstX-Mailer: Apple Mail (2.1508)16:52
frinnst... i find it depressing that so many "foss" developers use macs16:52
juefrinnst: if you have very big time-diffs the initstepslew directive might be handy ->
frinnstroot@roberto:~# /etc/rc.d/chronyd restart16:56
frinnstroot@roberto:~# date16:56
frinnstTue Aug  6 18:56:17 CEST 201316:56
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frinnstsepen: \o/16:56
frinnstjust pushed nss16:56
sepenfrinnst: done16:56
frinnstyay, teamwork16:56
sepenehehe, I'm synced with you16:56
sepenanyways I'll try with nss 3.15.1 again, mine was for 3.1516:57
frinnstyeah shouldnt be any issues16:58
sepenhmm, /usr/lib/firefox doesn't have sense for shared-plugins (chrome, firefox, ...)16:59
sepenand firefox-java-plugin maybe could be renamed to java-plugin or java-browser-plugin17:00
frinnstyeah as should flash17:04
frinnstadd to the 3.1 todo?17:05
sepenflash uses mozilla/plugins17:06
frinnstyeah but the rename17:20
frinnstah, sorry17:20
frinnsttheres no *firefox* in the portname :)17:20
sepengenerally is not a nice idea to rename ports, but java-browser-plugin seems a better name imho17:21
frinnstyeah, but we can fix that between releases, its been done in the past18:05
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frinnstanybody looked at the rsync stats for 2.8?19:56
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Romsterfrinnst, none so far too busy i'll look at it tonight after work22:51

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