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jaegerI'm back home now, saw some continnued talk in the backlog about gmp02:39
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jaegerI will push the patch tomorrow, pretty tired02:53
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Worksteri'll be home shortly to move libvdpau.07:22
frinnstfirefox, chromium.. my poor workbox08:06
Romster-j 20 :D08:09
frinnstmm, should have left my desktop at home on so i could snatch it from there08:11
frinnstthunderbird 17.0.8 too08:12
Romsterno rotwang to push that08:20
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pitilloteK_: sorry for bothering you again with this topic, but can you remove hooks from e17 repo? They are making strange things and cruxbot spams the channel with old messages...dead dog, rabies is over09:19
frinnstor better yet, fix it!09:34
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frinnstoh, they released a new xf86-video-ati driver09:42
frinnsti've run git master for a while, but this release contains a few newer patches09:43
teK_we can talk here, too pitillo10:14
teK_fix things? NEVAR10:14
teK_I'm going to disable them later today10:15
pitillogreat teK_10:16
teK_no problem10:16
pitillocheck this (at 13:47) and;a=summary10:17
pitillocruxbot spams lot of old messages which I don't understand why it's making it (I'm pusing directly into 3.0 branch and those seems to be in 2.8 brach)10:18
pitillomay be I'm making something wrong, or I made a mistake when I pushed to 2.8 branch long time ago... I don't understand what's happening really10:19
teK_I don't think you can push wrongly ;)10:20
teK_I will see if I can fix it quickly10:20
pitilloif you need to mess to much with it, just disable them to avoid spamming messages in the channel10:21
pitillothank you very much10:22
teK_no problem10:23
Romsterhmm i'm not sure if moving libvdpau to xorg is wise.10:26
Romsterstill thinking.10:26
Romsterthen again i could...10:33
Romsterdoes freedesktop = xorg?10:41
Romsterto me it's just freedesktop hosting a bunch of stuff including xorg.10:41
Romsterand to me libvdpau belongs in opt10:41
Romsterwell python for one is in opt and it's a required by libvdpau and other stuff in xorg as well. wouldn't that require having pyhton in xorg. it's not on freedekstop so no. if i put libvdpau in xorg does that mean i can also put libva into xorg as that's on freedesktop as well?11:24
Romsterlibva-intel-driver libva-vdpau-driver as well are on freedesktop.11:25
Romstermesa3d can link to libvdpau in opt. python is in opt. libvdpau itself isn't a xorg component?11:25
Romstergive be a good reason why it should be in xorg?11:26
jaegerperhaps you could replace the e17 hooks with the rewritten ones from opt11:26
Romsteroh snap it's only like 5 ports that will break due to me bumping libva... jsut gonna do it with a [notify]11:29
frinnstwell there are a few non-xorg components in our xorg repo11:50
frinnstmesa3d for example11:50
frinnstlibdrm? too11:51
frinnstI dunno, just feel it would be better suited there, but maybe not11:51
frinnstit is obviously very tight with xorg11:52
frinnstand yeah, libva might suit better in xorg too?11:53
Romsterfor fucks sake now i cna't get libva-video to compile...12:03
Romsteri should of tested everything first but no i stupidly go it'll all compile.... starts committing.12:03
frinnstpatience, Luke12:04
frinnstuse the force12:04
Romsteri need a break coffee time12:05
Romstermeanwhile it's broken12:05
jueRomster: xorg and opt are on the same 'level', so both repos can depend on ports in the other, the only reason why we have a separate repo for xorg is a bit more clarity, hopefully. FYI, the old all-in-one xfree port was in opt.16:49
Romsteryeah but that was monolithic back then. while xorg is modular now. and i know opt and xorg are on the same level.16:51
jueRomster: and I agree with frinnst, the libvdpau is more a xorg port, IMO16:51
Romsterhmp so what about libva and libva-vdpau-driver16:52
Romsterxorg is for xorg opt is everything else16:52
Romsterbut that point is moot since it's on the same level.16:53
juehave to look into that ports first, I'm a dummy in all questions of graphics16:53
Romsterdo we plan to have mesa3d depend on libvdpau than let it autodetect?16:53
juewell, if a port is part of the xorg driver/accell structure it shurely belongs to xorg16:54
Romsteryou don't wanna know graphics codecs sometimes it's a nightmare.16:54
jueI'd say codecs are a different story16:55
Romstershurely the h is in shure is a microphone brand.16:55
Romsteri know because i use shure microphones.16:55
jueright, I know that, but it happens sometimes16:56
Romsterok so let me know what you think on libvdpau and libav dunno about the back-end drivers if they are more opt-ish or xorg-ish16:56
Romsterthe other matter i'd like to raise is alan's opt/pulseaudio :D16:57
Romster1 it's pulseaudio 2 it has two ports i maintain in contrib in it's depends on line 3 i never got any message from alan to possible move them to opt.16:58
jueRomster: ok, will look at libav and the other tomorrow16:58
Romsterif i made a bug report it would fall back on me to move those two to opt -_-16:58
juewell, the other possibilty would be to move pulseaudio to contrib ;)17:00
Romstershould i just move speex and libsndfile to opt or wait on another outcome?17:00
Romsteroh there is that too.17:00
jueno, I'd talk to Alan first and ask why he put pulseaudio into opt17:00
Romsteri'd imagine it might be something alan uses i kde and ke falls on the same level as opt ? like xfce would too.17:01
juebbl, foot is waiting :)17:01
Romsterguess i'll email alan and ask what todo.17:01
Romsterlater jue17:01
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