IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2013-08-08

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jaegerIf you change nettle-32 please test it in a clean chroot first, I did and had to remove share13:46
Romsteryou committed that i told ya last night it failed to build i do test in a chroot.13:47
jaegerI just want to make sure... you have odd quirks in your systems at times13:47
Romsterwhos fixing it you or me i'm like just about to edit that file?13:47
Romsteri test it all on a clean chroot.13:48
jaegerI'll test it again13:48
Romsterwith only the ports listed in depends on line13:48
Romsterwhat happens is sometimes optional crap shows up on the system that's not installed in the chroot as it's not listed as a dependency13:48
Romsteri was just gonna change the rmdir to a fine -empty ... instead.13:49
Romsteri should test on 2 systems like you do but more time and effort.13:52
Romsterare we ever going to get any more contrib maintainers? we seem to be rather low.13:52
Romster$ git fetch13:58
Romsterssh: connect to host port 2222: Connection timed out13:58
Romsterfatal: Could not read from remote repository.13:58
Romsternothing is working tonight.13:58
teK_2222/tcp open  ssh     Dropbear sshd 0.52 (protocol 2.0)14:04
teK_+ I had no time to look at the hook pitillo. Will try tonight.14:04
teK_same goes for the libva stuff14:04
Romsteryeah it's my internet it's broken somewhere.14:11
Romsteri was off for a few hours noting outside of australia would work14:11
Romsternwo i get some sites stuff working and others don't....14:12
Romsterthe little time i have to do stuff and i get hindered.14:12
Romsteris not fair.14:12
RomsterteK_, renaming it will probably have to wait for crux 3.1 but the version bump and optionally putting it in opt would be nice.14:13
Romsterand not sure what the go is on libvdpau and libvs moved to xorg frinnst jue thinks they both should be.14:13
jueRomster: we've talked only about having libvdpau in xorg, nothing more; btw what is libvs?14:25
Romstersorry libva14:26
RomsterVideo Acceleration API to enable hardware accelerated video decode/encode.14:26
jueok, I see14:26
Romsteri can't access crux git currently. due to spastic internet issue, so any changes will have to wait until hopefully tomorrow it'll be sorted.14:28
juewell, as promised I've had a look at the va-api stuff today and hopefully understand now a bit how that all works together14:32
jueRomster: I'd say that libvdpau is a bit more a xorg port, mainly because we should enable mesa to use it. All the other va ports are fine in opt, IMO.14:34
Romstermesa will auto detect if libvdpau is installed.14:35
jueand I agree that we should rename libva-intel to libav-intel-driver14:35
Romsterand update it that version is old.14:35
juebut I would do that while moving it to opt with a [notify] commit and not wait until CRUX 3.114:36
Romsternot wait for crux 3.1?14:36
Romsterguess so it's only one small port.14:37
RomsterteK_, taking note of this when you got time?14:37
Romsterso i should move libvdpau to xorg when i get sane internet? and enable it as hard coded in mesa3d with a  [notify] commit?14:38
Romsteror you can move it and do that i don't mind.14:38
juewell, I'd prefer to do some tests with that new mesa version first14:39
Romsterk go for it.14:40
Romsteri don't use mesa3d for acceleration14:40
jueI can do it the next days, but moving libvdpau to xorg is independent thereof14:41
Romsteryeah but i have no ssh/rsync/git for some stupid reason.14:41
Romsteryet http is working14:41
jaegerok, looks like nettle-32 is safe to update, I think the share dir was a leftover from before libgmp/libgmp-32 were fixed, perhaps14:46
Romsteri was gathering that too jaeger14:48
Romsterall because i was silly enough to put headers in a non-standard spot and not thing to make a header stub14:49
juejaeger: do you have an opinion wrt the libvdpau/vaapi discussion?14:49
Romsteri can't think of everything.... literally i forget stuff at work let alone at home, i'm hoping a holiday for 2 weeks is enough to recover from burnout. but ii fear my brain is getting worse as i age more.14:50
jaegerjue: I've been more focused on work stuff, what's the issue in summary? mesa requires them now or something else?14:53
jueRomster: generally I have the experience that mostly less is more, a good start would be to abondon all ports you do not need ;)14:54
Romsterjue, yeah i'm in the process of reviewing stuff i've given up on or have not used in ages.14:55
Romsteri've already dropped a few.14:55
jaegerYeah, I've been suggesting that for a while now... improves the quality of the ones you do use and your sanity at the same time14:55
Romsteri require time and thinking ability both of which i am lacking... maybe at the second week of my 2 weeks off i'll be in the right frame of mind and time todo that.14:56
juejaeger: no, it don't requires it. The whole discussion starts because a new version of libvdpau was announced at the xorg-announce mailing list and frinnst came up with the idea that libvdpau should probably be a xorg port14:56
Romsterboss is back next week so i can reduce my workload at work.14:56
jaegerjue: I have no objections to putting libvdpau into xorg if that makes sense. Is it used by anything NOT xorg?14:58
Romsteri still think it's better in opt. where i have moved it too already.14:58
jaegerPerhaps a better question would be this: "Can it be used without xorg?"14:59
Romsterffmpeg libva-vdpau-driver xine-lib gst-plugins-bad gst-plugins-bad1 mplayer2 ffmpeg-compat gstreamer-vaapi1 gstreamer-vaapi libva-intel14:59
Romsteruses it.14:59
Romsterwell yes but i use it with libva-vdpau-driver15:00
juejaeger: don't thing so, it's a requirement for libva-vdpau-drive which is the nvidia backend for the VA API15:00
Romsterreally only mesa3d can use it if it's present on the system15:00
Romsterthe intel driver can use it too.15:00
jaegercan those things all be used without xorg?15:01
Romsterwell some of them do have frame buffer support so yes15:02
jaegerMy point is if it can be used without any xorg ports installed, maybe it's fine outside of xorg... if it requires xorg ports, then it could go either way.15:02
jaegersome of them or all of them?15:02
jaegerI guess I'm not being clear here. I don't have a strong preference, was just trying to get all the info15:02
Romsterbut i never use the frame buffer15:02
Romsterreally i'd use libvdpau and libva with xorg15:04
Romsteryour decision jue as long as it's around to install ti's fine by me.15:05
jueRomster: it's not my decision :) If we agree in something other it's fine for me too15:09
jueRomster: I think it's best to let the things as they are at the moment and wait until I've played a bit with mesa and libvdpau15:10
jueprobably more important at the moment: downgrade bison to the old version?15:13
juethe only real problem I'm aware of is the gstreamer issue?15:13
Romsterwine was an issue but since i bumped that to 1.7.0 it's ok?15:13
juehere again the link to the bugreport ->
Romsteri haven't hit the issue15:14
Romsterit's only gstreamer gstreamer1 isn't affected.15:14
RomsterInternal Server Error15:18
Romstersite went poof15:18
pitilloboth are affected Romster15:18
Romsternow it loaded15:19
RomsterThe patch fixes the build, but it crashes, and then no more comments so i'd wait15:20
pitillohave you checked the Makefile patch I post in crux?15:21
Romsterno not yet15:22
jueif we have a working patch that is not too intrusive, I'd prefer that over an downgrade15:23
jueas long as we are talking only about gstreamer15:24
Romsteri need todo testing.15:25
pitilloit's pretty intrusive... but checking the one provided on that bug report... which removes one parameter...15:25
pitilloPkgfile diff
Romsterwhat is that likely to break?15:26
pitilloI think bison isn't parsing right that function, removing the last parameter (the patch provided in bugzilla directly removed the second parameter to satisfy the parsed function... or at least that seems to me)15:27
Romsteri have zero experience with bison15:28
Romsterhmm that sounds like a recipe for disaster15:29
Romsterlike cutting a leg off and see if it's noticed.15:29
pitillome neither... but deeping in sources gave me that idea... probably not nice to keep in ports and better to share it with upstream to let them fix it right15:30
pitillobuild will don't cry... but side effect probably is the segfault15:30
Romsterit's not a solution15:32
frinnstthanks for the nss patch romster, testing now15:38
pitilloif you try, --disable-gtk-doc and --disable-gtk-doc-html is needed in Pkgfile's autogen (forgot to add those when I made the Pkgfile diff)15:41
Romsternp frinnst15:45
Romsteralready did that too nss-32 and i got firefox-32 running.15:46
Romsterbut i have yet to do the java path change.15:46
frinnstyeah just have to rebuild firefox to make sure no avx stuff has infiltrated it :)15:54
Romsteroh i hadn't tested that. good idea.16:00
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teK_jue: ping19:52
teK_remember when I had problems with footprints because of my umask? I got another one:
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jaegerok, found a machine on which $PKG/usr/share is created in the nettle-32 port, will try to figure out why23:25
jaegerAh, the problem is texinfo23:28
jaegerIf it's installed, extra stuff is generated23:28
jaegerIt's not in the official repos, though, so I'll just remove it. don't think I need it any longer23:29
jaegerOnly had it installed on a single machine, anyway, wonder what I was using it for23:33
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