IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2013-08-09

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jueteK_: any idea what we can do to solve your 'issue'?10:38
teK_''? :P11:03
teK_I have not yet looked into it11:03
teK_I thought we agreed on me giving notice the next time I encounter this phenomenon11:04
teK_the funny thing is that it does not happen for _all_ files11:04
jueyep, looks like you get it very seldom?11:06
teK_yes indeed11:08
teK_but across two hosts11:08
juethis time it looks a bit different, because gmp.h is a file we copy within the Pkgfile, adding a -p should fix it?11:15
jueat least if /usr/ports/core/libgmp/gmp.h is 644 on your box11:16
jueor maybe better using install instead of copy and and setting the mode explicit11:19
teK_keyboard layout fuckup sorry11:21
teK_will test tonight. Thanks for spotting this11:22
teK_I probably would have started by adding -x to pkgmk's shebang..11:22
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teK_Romster: there's your contrib applicant ;-)16:38
teK_jue: install(1) fixed things (you were absolutely right)19:51
teK_i.e. cp <     install -m 644 $SRC/gmp.h $PKG/usr/include/19:51
teK_question is: should we include hints on that in our packaging guidelines and make at least core and opt port behave? If yes I'd be willing to help spot and fix things19:52
jaegerno objection here20:00
jaegerdoh, my firefox fonts issue is back... was that caused by cairo?20:24
teK_I have have problems with the last few pixman updates (red boxes in chromium) ;)20:31
jaegerI haven't run into that one yet20:36
jaegeryeah, commenting out the --enable-system-cairo config option fixes it20:59
frinnstyeah thats probably a good idea22:47
frinnstsilly cairo22:47
frinnstusing the bundled cairo has other issues22:47

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