IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2013-08-10

Romsteri tend to prefer install over cp01:37
Romsteractually i've been thinking, a pkgmk user and group and setting umask to 002 in pkgmk01:41
Romsterwould be so much easier for fakeroot use.01:41
Romsterdoomicide ah he is a nice guy, guess i'll spend some time looking over his ports.01:44
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jueteK_: no objections, sounds like a good idea, I'll help to change the core ports if needed06:14
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Romsterincidentally i've been using install in places where i can even to replace mkdir09:00
teK_the downside of cp is clear, right?09:04
Romsterthere is cp -p09:06
teK_how should it help09:06
Romsternot alter the permissions due to umask perhaps?09:07
teK_which helps not a bit if the files were created with a non-standard umask first place?09:08
Romsteroh it doens't no...09:11
Romsterjue, i've fixed gstreamer and gstreamer1 hopefully that's the only remaining bison breakage.10:29
Romsteri really hate having to fix bugs i did not create.10:29
Romsterjaeger, i got a fix for pkgmk.conf 32bit compiles some ports notablly libsndfile-32 needs export GETCONF_DIR="/usr/lib32/getconf"10:45
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frinnsteudev seems to do its job18:49
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