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Romsterany reason why glibc-32 has a older version in --enable-kernel= compared to glibc?04:55
jaegerprobably just hasn't been updated/tested yet05:00
Romstermy guess is it got overlooked.05:03
Romsterjaeger, can you test/commit this please
Romsteri'm about to test it now myself.06:23
juefrinnst: good to hear that eudev works for you too07:53
Romsterdo i just pkgrm udev pkgadd eudev; rejmerge or is there more too it?09:37
jueRomster: so name changed, you have to rebuild everything that links against libudev09:38
Romsteroh fun09:42
jueyeah, indeed, eudev follows systemd/uedv here09:44
jueanother thing I stumbled over while testing the lvm update:09:47
juethe pkg-config file of udev is kinda wrong, because it lists -lrt even though it's only required for static linking09:48
juewith eudev you need 'pkg-config --libs --static libudev' to link libudev static09:50
jueI solved this for libdevmapper/lvm2 by adding the following to our Pkgfile09:51
jueexport UDEV_LIBS="$(pkg-config --libs --static libudev)"09:51
jueit doesn't matter for udev, so I'll add it to libdevmapper/lvm2 on next update09:52
jueRomster: btw, you are using/etsting the new version of lvm2, 2.02.99?09:55
Romsternot yet need to do that.09:57
jueanother point with eudev: you have to run 'udevadm hwdb --update' after install to build the binary database for the new hwdb09:59
jueguess that's all now ;)10:02
Romsterah that should be in the README10:03
juethink we can test in our start_udev if /etc/udev/hwdb.bin exists and run the command if not10:06
juejaeger: do you have any pending commits for iso.git? Guess so, because our current linux-3.6.7.config doesn't include CONFIG_X86_3211:54
juejaeger: it seems outdated, we are using 3.6.11 with 3.0, but the installed linux-3.6.11.defconfig doesn't include the option neither12:03
frinnsthm, is CONFIG_X86_32 really unset?12:26
frinnstguess so, wierd12:27
jaegerjue: no, I have no significant outstanding changes currently.14:04
jaegerPretty sure that CONFIG_X86_32 is not supposed to be set because:14:04
jaegerDepends on: !64BIT [=y]14:04
jaeger3.6.11 doesn't seem to have that bit of dep checking but 3.10.x does14:08
jaegerRomster: what's the benefit/effect of --enable-multi-arch? Can't find much about it except the terse description from configure --help14:26
frinnstyeah IA32_EMULATION is whats needed14:33
Romsterbut only those that need it should set it?14:33
frinnstif you dont use that you will need to patch glibc14:34
frinnstand probably gcc14:34
Romsterjaeger, --enable-multi-arch creates dynamic shared objects and puts in the missing getconf files. that's as much as i know.14:37
jaegercreates what DSOs? I'm hesitant to enable something that could potentially break a lot of shit without knowing more about it14:38
Romsteri don't know...14:38
Romsteri just wanted to get getconf files and i tried various things and saw that arch uses that option and that fixed the missing files.14:39
Romsterthat is all i know.14:39
Romsteri've installed that patch to my system no broken library links but i haven't done alot of 32bit testing yet.14:40
Romsteri spent awhile figuring that out.... with little information out there.14:40
Romsterthat's why i've asked for testing.14:43
jaegerthe configure help doesn't even list that that option requires arguments14:43
Romsteryeah i found very little information on it.14:43
Romsterwhich is why it took me awhile to even find a fix for missing files.14:44
Romsterif you ask me glibc's configure is half baked.14:44
Romsterif you can find another way to get the getconf files there go for it.14:54
juejaeger: ok, thanks and sorry for the noise. Thought that the flags is necessary because of the mailing list thread. But now I see that I have only CONFIG_IA32_EMULATION enabled here, as frinnst mentioned already.15:49
jaegerno worries15:51
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teK_sepen: how's marriage? :>21:01
teK_serious question. I believe I'm going to find myself being married quite soon, too :p21:16
teK_so no gloating or something :-)21:16
sepen no longer think, so does my wife21:17
teK_so go ask her!21:24
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