IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2013-08-12

jaegerI didn't look at the ML thread until now but for reference, CONFIG_X86_X32 and CONFIG_X86_32 are NOT the same thing00:24
jaegermaybe we'll enable X32 in the future but CONFIG_X86_32 is mutually exclusive with 64-bit kernels00:25
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jaegerI'll run a bootstrap with the glibc and glibc-32 changes tomorrow, then test it03:08
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frinnst otherwise it seems like a straight forward upgrade10:38
frinnsttesting now10:38
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frinnstpdftoraster.cxx:(.text.startup+0xa49): undefined reference to `GfxColorSpace::setDisplayProfile(void*)'14:13
frinnstanybody else seen that?14:13
frinnstpoppler issue?14:14
frinnstah, perhaps i need lcms2 ?14:14
teK_see the ML, jue wrote about the new dep14:15
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frinnstjue: do you use nfsv4 ?19:09
frinnstthere are a lot of random ports with nfs and we have no way of specifying them19:09
frinnstunless im misstaken somewhere19:09
teK_ ?19:13
jaegerfirewalling NFS is a bitch for that very reason19:13
frinnstyeah we need to specify static ports for some components19:15
frinnstwe dont have a clean way of doing that i think19:15
frinnstfriendly single port operations19:17
frinnstlies lies lies19:17
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