IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2013-08-14

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Romsterjue, seems ok here netpbm doesn't depend on xorg02:48
jaegerprobably one of those situations where it's not a dep but changes the footprint02:49
jaegerit only creates one more file, pamx02:49
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frinnst <- stuff09:50
frinnstper still maintains the dns-zone? or does he just pay for it?09:51 ?09:53
teK_I think both is true10:02
Romsterdo we even need that rm -rf that file?10:20
Romsternot even a man page for pamx10:23
Romsterjaeger's site moved but the dns name is still pointing to jaeger's site what's the issue?10:24
Romster$ pamx --help10:25
Romsterpamx: Use 'man pamx' for help.10:25
frinnst prt-get fsearch pamx returns nothing11:39 has a new IP so isn't valid anymore12:47
jaegerRomster: none of the netpbm apps have man pages, they expect you to install info pages or go to their website12:47
jaegerSo it's just an artifact of having X installed12:48
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Romsteryet issuing pamx --help says to use man pamx -_-14:00
jaegernetpbm's docs are a bit of a mess14:02
Romsteri need sleep g'night14:06
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jaegerFinally got time to test the glibc --enable-multi-arch flag, doesn't seem to cause any problems in my limited testing16:52
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jaegerI'll try wine, too, since that will install a bunch more deps16:53
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tim--is good for getting drunk17:25
jaegerI'm not a big drinker17:33
tim--your name is actually an alcohol17:38
tim--oops, wrong channel. sorry17:39
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