IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2013-08-16

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frinnst <- 3 build errors with glibc 2.18, gcc 4.8.106:06
frinnstlinux-firmware is probably related to a conflicting port on my system, openssl and wget are perl related iirc06:06
frinnstinstalled perl version is 5.18.106:06
frinnst.. not too bad06:07
juefrinnst: indeed, looks good; thanks for testing :)06:33
juefrinnst: libmng version 2.x can use lcms2 which seems to be the only major change between 1.0.10 and 2.0.0, see CHANGES. Please consider a switch to 2.x with next CRUX release06:36
frinnstyeah i have all the gfx-libs i maintain queued up :)06:47
frinnstlibjpeg v9 looks like a pain, lots of stuff didnt want to build against it06:49
frinnstbut i only tested very briefly because it broke *everything* :)06:49
frinnsthad to revert to do real work (tm)06:49
juehmm, that sounds bad, probably better to stick with v8 in case of too much trouble07:55
jueIIRC others are using openjpeg, but never looked at it myself07:56
jueyep, for example fedora, the last build of libjpeg is for fc12, current is openjpeg08:00
frinnstyeah, will have a look this weekend09:30
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teK_ RT @matthew_d_green: Other fun things I learned yesterday. The original author of OpenSSL thought it would be a fun way to learn C. #Everythingisilluminated12:53
jaegerThat's a hell of a first project13:09
teK_at least it receives "some" testing by widespread usage..13:10
jaegertrue :P13:11
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