IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2013-08-17

jaegerjue: any objections to me adding the --enable-multi-arch configure flag to glibc and glibc-32? I've not run into any problems with it so far; ran a bootstrap with it as well as general usage on a machine at work for a few days01:50
jaegerIt won't require a rebuild for glibc so I wouldn't bump the release01:51
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juejaeger: I'm a bit limited in my time currently and cannot look deeper into this right now; but anyway, your are our multi-lib chief and I have no objections ;)07:33
Romsterwhat am i :D09:16
Romsterfrinnst, you got them ports anywhere so i can test in a chroot other ports?09:16
frinnstyeah, give me a sec, ill put them up09:42
Romstercool thanks10:07
Romstergalculator i have that in my ports10:08
Romsterfrinnst, where is gcc binutils glibc stuff?10:10
Romsteri got like 10 or so ports off brew.rsync10:14
Romsterhmm two different paths?10:15
frinnstdoh, sry10:15
Romsterno problem at least i can get to that there.10:16
Romsterboth named brew is confusing though10:16
frinnstfixed the rsync-file10:18
frinnstit pointed to the wrong repo :)10:18
Romsterthought so.11:32
RomsterUpdating file list from
Romsterrsync: link_stat "/brew" (in ports) failed: No such file or directory (2)11:34
Romsterrsync error: some files/attrs were not transferred (see previous errors) (code 23) at main.c(1518) [Receiver=3.0.9]11:34
RomsterError: Running rsync failed ()11:34
RomsterUpdating failed11:34
frinnstyou must have been too quick11:53
frinnstah, fuck. edited the wrong file11:53
Romsterthat's much better frinnst12:16
frinnsti should not be allowed near a computer before i've had my coffee12:24
frinnstwhat does --enable-multi-arch affect/fix?12:24
jaegerin the case if glibc it doesn't change anything... in the case of glibc-32 it adds the missing getconf files12:39
jaegerI know that isn't much information but it's about all I could find12:40
frinnstah, but it still needs to go into core/glibc or only glibc-32 ?12:47
jaegeras far as I can tell it isn't required for core/glibc but I'm a fan of consistency and no rebuild is needed12:50
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frinnstRomster: tested glibc 2.18 yet?21:46
frinnstneeds some tweaks to devpts in your fstab probably21:47
frinnstunless you run it in a chroot, which you probably.. :)21:47
frinnstadded patches for wget and openssl to fix the perl issue23:24
frinnstso everything i have installed builds and runs with glibc 2.18, gcc 4.8.1 \o/23:25

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