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Worksteryeah it wont matter.01:09
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sepenI'm going to release pkg-get 0.4.6
sepenfor now I uploaded the tarball to ~/sepen/distfiles, could be possible to use or should I contact with Simone? maybe he want to host that file11:41
teK_wrt files/distfiles11:42
teK_do you have permission to put it there?11:42
sepenteK_: feel free to move it, no I don't have perms11:42
teK_will do tonight, I don't have my private key handy11:43
sepenthere is no hurry, thanks11:44
Romsteri have a feature request. but i'll probably end up writing the code myself. to have a log in pkgmk than in prt-get.11:48
Romsterroyal pain for me to have to use prt-get just to get a build log of a package.11:48
sepenRomster: I used to run: $ fakeroot pkgmk -d -kw 2>&1 | tee pkgmk.log11:56
sepenand bash aliases11:57
Romsterah that's an idea thanks11:58
sepenand also .gitignore has a line to avoid that pkgmk.log fiels11:59
Romsteryeah i'm aware of .gitignore12:02
juesepen: hi, FYI neon 0.30.0 works for me12:18
juesepen: ah, you did it already; sorry, overlooked the commit12:21
sepennah thanks anyway12:23
sepenhey, third sysup today12:26
mike_kRomster: hi. Seems setuptools is the preffered tool (again!)  and is deprecating distribute.  Probably an Email to ml with advise to adjust prt-get.aliases will be required.14:01
jaegerhaha, awesome14:03
Romsterso not impressed14:03
mike_kor maybe even adjusting core/prt-get/prt-get.aliases14:03
Romsteror just keeping the same name....14:04
Romsteruntil crux 3.114:04
Romsteri'll look at that later.14:04
mike_kcould confuse some users14:04
mike_kfor now distribute just works14:05
Romsterso not cool to pkgrm then pkkadd another.14:05
Romsterit works so i'm not too keen on changing so soon.14:05
mike_kunless it is cowardly done by setup-helper14:05
Romsterwhen crux 3.1 is out yeah....14:06
mike_kjust put that to todo list on 3.1 at least14:06
Romsteri got other stuff to put on that too.14:06
mike_ksorry, didn't mean to sound like that (14:07
Romsterwhy would they change names then go oh btw we are going back to the original name...14:07
Romsterdon't know what they were thinking.14:07
Romsterno need to be sorry i'm not mad.14:07
mike_kyou never know for sure )14:08
Romsteryeah, true.14:10
Romsterthanks for pointing that out.14:10
mike_kprt-get alias might be a safe thing to have anyway14:11
mike_knp. thanks for your work on the distro14:12
Romsteri wouldn't mind prt-get alias being a directory or a command than a single alias.conf file.14:13
rmullHi, something's wrong with the download URL for core/libdevmapper. It tries to cd into a nonexistent FTP dir.15:02
juermull: thanks for the info, guess the ftp server will be back at regular work soon16:04
jaegerregarding guzzano's comment in #crux I have considered a concept like gentoo's world for crux usage in the past. It could be handy16:05
jaegerfor example, if I type in 'prt-get depinst wine' then crux would consider wine a package that I have explicitly requested. On the other hand, I didn't specifically request its deps, so mesa3d-32 wouldn't be in that list and could be autoremoved by prt-get if nothing in the explicit list requires it16:06
jaegerUnfortunately my c++ foo is terrible16:14
jaegerer, fu16:17
juejaeger: you are not alone here :)16:17
jaegerI would actually like to reimplement pkgutils/prt-get in python as a side project but haven't had the time :)16:19
jueactually the very first version of prt-get was written in python :)16:21
sependepinst calls 'install' foreach package in the 'deplist' returned, how do you know what package you need to remove from this list?16:21
sepenyou need to have a previous deplist for that16:21
jaegerYou keep 2 lists... explicit and implicit16:22
jaegerfor example: pidgin16:23
jaeger# Depends on:  intltool, gtk, xorg-libxscrnsaver, startup-notification, libidn, gnutls16:23
juejaeger: IMO it's good that at least pkgadd depends on nothing, prt-get is of course a different thing16:23
jaegerif I run 'prt-get depinst pidgin' pidgin goes into the explicit list16:23
jaegerintltool, gtk, xorg-libxscrnsaver, startup-notification, libidn, gnutls are in the implicit list16:23
jaegerso when I remove pidgin, it checks the implicit list and removes anything that *does not* still have a parent package installed16:23
jaegerjue: I agree in terms of lowest common denominator but on the down side I can't offer anything to pkgutils or prt-get in terms of development16:24
sepenahh sorry, I missunderstand you, are you talking about 'prt-get remove wine' which won't remove wine-deps?16:24
jaegerwithout attempting to learn c/c++ at least16:25
jaegersepen: I'm suggesting a feature where 'prt-get remove wine' *will* remove deps as long as they aren't a) depended on by anything still installed or b) explicitly installed by the user16:25
juejaeger: yep, that's true and a problem for us16:25
jaegerjue: if we had an active developer for pkgutils and prt-get it wouldn't be necessary :)16:26
jaegersepen: to carry my example further, let's say I remove pidgin... now prt-get would check its deps and find gtk... well, gtk is used by a lot of other stuff that I have installed such as firefox16:27
jaegerso it would NOT remove gtk, even though I didn't explicitly request gtk be installed16:27
jaegerit might remove libidn, though, for example16:27
sepenjaeger: in this case why not combine prt-get remove + foreach wine-dep; do prt-get dependent --all <wine-dep>; done?16:27
jaegerbecause that's not safe16:27
jaegerwell, I suppose if you mean scripting a check for dependent --all it would work, yes16:28
jaegerIt would just be nice to have this feature without doing a lot of extra scripting16:28
jaegeractually, not --all, just dependent16:28
jaegerunless I misunderstood what you're asking16:29
sepenprt-get dependent --all + listinst or soemthing16:29
jaeger--all would include things I do not have installed16:29
sepenyep you're right16:29
sepenI opened prt-get sources in the past to write the 'depupdate' thing and I'm panic to C++ ;D16:30
jaegerI find c++ really arcane, to be honest. I don't think I'm stupid but c++ makes me feel that way16:30
jaegerjue: if I do find time to work on my proof of concept project I'd likely also move away from /var/lib/pkg/db being a flat file16:31
jaegerpython already depends on sqlite so maybe that16:31
jaegerto simplify my earlier comments about maintaining 2 lists, I'd say only 1 list is necessary. That would be the explicit list because the implicit list is, after all, implicit. :)16:38
jaegerso in the package database an 'explicit' flag could be toggled for explicit packages16:39
jaegerWhile this is all fine chatter it's useless until it exists to be tested, so I will try to get something created soonish16:48
jue.oO nice to hear :)16:52
jaegerI know we don't want to bloat crux but frankly I think these things are features we are missing currently16:53
sepenoops sorry17:06
jaeger>>> package.is_installed('zlib', packages)18:07
jaeger>>> package.version('zlib', packages)18:07
jaegerIt's tiny but it's a start :)18:07
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guzzanoHi guys, this package search orphaned dependencies for prt-get, can try? is a version test, but work
guzzanoOnly show dependencies you have to remove then with prt-get remove22:11
teK_sepen: permissions adjusted22:33
sepenthanks ;D22:49
sepenguzzano: I'll try later, now I'm a bit busy22:50

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