IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2013-08-22

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frinnstRomster: <- udev patch if you didnt already find it03:03
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frinnst lcms1 security issue. not sure if its the same one as i posted before, jue06:43
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juejaeger: thanks for the lvm2/libdevmapper fix (the original URL works again now)07:01
juefrinnst: yeah is the same, original debian bug report is here ->
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Romster<agk> is itself a mirror now08:02
Romster<agk> it had stopped mirroring and I had to ask to get it restarted again a few weeks back08:02
Romster<agk> the site I upload to is now sourceware.org08:02
Romster<agk> and that gets mirrored to sources.redhat.com08:02
Romsteri told agk about the breakage.08:02
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Romsterfrinnst, since you called your stuff brew i was trying to think of a neme then i went oh heck i'll name mine brewster -_-10:08
Romsterstarted modifying ports that need fixing.10:08
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jaegerjue: figures =/13:18
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nrxtxreports for broken ports all go to bugtracker?19:33
jaegerIf it's something in the main repos, yes... If it's a private repo email the maintainer19:35
teK_I prefer IRC for tiny things iff I respond immediately19:36
jaegerIf it's teK_, send him a direct email in 16 point comic sans19:39
nrxtxno not teK_ this one is from sepen19:41
nrxtxbut maybe can someone of you check this url?
nrxtxfor me it just returns successfully an empty file19:41
jaegeryeah, empty19:41 ... :-)19:42
teK_cause of some tourble here and there19:42
nrxtxnow i only have to figure out why webkit did not build...20:00
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sepennrxtx: hey20:46
sepennrxtx: I'm going to update minicom to 2.6.2, see the diff:
sepenbut I'm also waiting to new chromium to compile before push my changesets20:47
nrxtxsepen: no problem :) thx20:48
nrxtxRomster: you need to patch webkit 2.0.4 with because the bison 3.0-port update broke it, it also seems to be fixed with webkit 2.1.420:49
nrxtxsysup ... done ;)20:52

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