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juegood morning07:25
frinnstchecking for xsltproc... no07:35
frinnstconfigure: error: xsltproc command not found, try ./configure --disable-manpages07:35
frinnst=======> ERROR: Building '/home/ports/pkg/kmod#15-1.pkg.tar.gz' failed.07:35
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Romsterglibc-32 is pisisng me off i build it works i install it i try to rebuild it it fails.08:54
Romsteri thought they were removing that upstream frinnst ?08:56
Romster frinnst jaeger can you test and see if oyu can sort out why it will compile and upgrade then not compile after that.08:58
juewhat's your reason to modify the glibc-32 port?09:06
Romsternew version.09:07
Romstertesting out frinnst's brew toolchain for crux 3.109:07
jueah, I see :)09:07
Romsteri want to test out everything to make sure it all compiles then try it out on my system.09:07
Romsterbut i'm stuck on glibc-3209:08
Romstertempted to use ld librarypath but i know that's a hack.09:08
Romster buildlog09:11
jueRomster: sorry, still not had the time to do some further tests with the vdpau thing09:11
Romster .footprint when it does build before installing.09:11
juebtw, there's a rc2 for mesa 9.209:11
Romsteryeah i'm on the mesa3d mailing list.09:11
Romstersays new release next tuesday if all goes to plan09:12
Romsteri'm taking 2 weeks off work for a break, i'd like to get some crux stuff done.09:12
Romsterconfigure: error: cannot run C compiled programs.09:17
Romsterok i've seriously broken 32bit compiling with glibc-32 hmm09:17
Romster$ diff -u /usr/ports/core/glibc-32/.footprint ~/.safe-build_crux/3.1/test/usr/ports/brewster/glibc-32/.footprint |wgetpaste09:21
RomsterYour paste can be seen here:
Romsteri probably did something really wrong -_-09:21
Romsterstubs-32.h doesn't need to be executable right?09:22
Romster dunno about the 32bit lib symlinking is different in glibc 2.18 than how it was in 2.1609:25
Romstersomething isn't right with the linker library symlinking.09:27
Romster/lib/ does not exist in 2.1809:28
Romsterugh i omitted a line.09:33
Romsterthink i sorted it now.... this is exactly why i'm taking a break from work... i suck at crux when i'm working so damn much :/09:36
teK_earn more and work less09:38
Romsteri wish09:40
Romsteri'm killing my brain at work.09:40
teK_then move or get a degree or something09:40
Romster Pkgfile looks cleaner than the current glibc-32 but blah wont compile once installed.09:42
Romstermeh it's hard to get work anywhere ya go.09:43
Romsterbeen at this job for i think 5 years now.09:43
teK_yes but if you can't stand that any longer you have to do something about it?09:45
Romsterit's ok if i have a break.09:45
Romsteri guess09:45
Romsterwork pays my bills crux doesn't but i still like working on crux. but work kills my brain that much that i can't concentrate so well on other tasks.09:46
teK_health > money09:47
Romstercan't really complain, at least i'm not on the dole.09:47
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Romsteri was more healthy before i started this job.09:47
Romstergot a car endless fixing stuff on it too.09:47
Romsterno time for anything.09:47
sepenI had more time before married ;D09:49
Romsteri'm sure you do.09:49
Romsteror did.09:49
Romsteri'm still single.09:49
Romsterthink i just need to relax and look at this tomorrow after i feel refreshed09:50
frinnstRomster: removed what upstream?09:50
Romsternever mind frinnst i'm delusional...09:56
Romstercomes from being over worked.09:56
Romstersee if you can install that then rebuild it or anything else 32bit
Romsteri'm gonna watch a movie and get me some scotch09:59
frinnsti'll have a look after work10:02
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frinnstoops, forgot to close that one :)12:29
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jaegerWhat silly thing are you guys doing with glibc-32?13:47
jaegerah, 2.18. never mind13:48
Romster2.18 jaeger <<14:09
Romsterfeel free to make it work.14:09
jaegerI'll leave that to you guys, got plenty to do now14:51
frinnstthis feels like a vodka/redbull weekend14:53
frinnst(dont expect much)14:53
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Romsteri've already drank half of my 700mill bottle of scotch14:56
jaegerI'm flying to SF tomorrow anyway so I'll be gone for a few days14:59
Romsteri'll take another shot at it later when i'm more relaxed and sober15:00
frinnstwait, you are attending vmware world jaeger? thought you were excluded :)15:05
jaegerugh, the new chromium is doing something extremely annoying... it's stealing focus for alt-tab even when it's on a different virtual desktop15:16
sepencause to our port?15:28
jaegerIt didn't happen with the previous version, I assume it's just a new WM behavior the current one does15:28
sepenI'm used to having bad headache with chromium15:29
frinnstjaeger: yeah i thought you said that only your colleagues were going. ive must have missundestood15:30
jaegerI am going with a colleague15:31
jaegersepen: I think a web app (spiceworks) is causing chromium to tell the WM that it needs attention15:49
jaegerI'll try leaving a different tab focused15:49
jaegerhrmm... the focused tab doesn't seem to matter, it steals focus when I alt-tab anyway15:51
jaegerThis is going to force me to stop using chromium15:54
jaegerooh, maybe it isn't chromium but anything on the primary display and first virtual desktop16:11
jaegerKinda hard to troubleshoot16:11
frinnstdamn now im real jealous16:28
frinnstit felt better when i thought you'd miss it too :D16:28
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jaegerfrinnst: haha, sorry :P18:15
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