IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2013-08-24

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Romsterokay i got glibc-32 2.18 to compile and work moving onto bigger fish03:13
Romsterack i spoke too soon damn it, fuck this i'm going out for lunch...03:14
jaegerhorrorStruck: welcome back04:39
jueRomster: you still don't get it that for our usecase md5sum isn't broken? ;)08:04
Romsteri do get that but i still do not agree, even though the chance of that is like 99.99% never going to happen.08:05
juewell, I give up08:06
Romsterto small to even worry about.08:06
Romsteri can't help it i am a bit paranoid when it comes to security.08:06
jueI'd suggest to read FS#223 again08:08
Romsteryeah yeah does not matter in our use case.08:10
Romsteri'm over it. got better things to work on like crux 3.108:10
Romsterno point beating a dead horse.08:12
Romstererr sorry "flogging a dead horse"08:13
horrorStruckjaeger: thanks :)09:03
Romsterfuck it failed again on glibc-32 always on the same thing...09:05
Romstercross-rpcgen: No such file or directory09:05
horrorStruckhi Romster09:05
Romstereven with patches i've found.09:05
Romsterhmm bugger it i'll use --enable-add-ons=nptl,libidn09:09
Romsterwhat is wrong with sunrpc09:14
Romsteri got the bugs out of glibc-3209:53
Romstertook longer than i wanted :/09:54
Romsterjaeger, glibc-32 in core has a error, .nostrip file says lib and not lib3209:56
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