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Romsterwe haven't started a crux 3.1 git branch yet i see.04:21
Romsterand pretty much everyone is busy besides me04:21
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juefrinnst: are there any signs for a new stable xz version in the foreseeable future?14:41
juefrinnst: if not we should better stick with version 5.0, IMO14:41
nrxtxteK_: what do you think about including lldb in llvm package?14:54
nrxtxit has been released with llvm 3.3 together with clang 3.3 as the debugger for both14:55
jueif we are at llvm, looks like it's a requirement for the upcoming mesa 9.2; would be nice if someone could evaluate this a bit deeper and file a bug at if I'm right15:12
nrxtxjue: it is a dependency for the llvmpipe driver afaik15:13
juewhich is not enabled in our build ...15:17
frinnstjue, nah dont think so15:22
nrxtxas far as i see they use llvm now additionally for r600 driver parts15:25
nrxtxanyway llvmpipe works nice on crux :)15:27
juewell, currently our mesa3d port depends _not_ on llvm15:45
nrxtxi tested the llvmpipe part which can be compiled standalone16:02
nrxtxso you could provide this llvm part for example in contrib16:02
nrxtxto keep llvm separated16:02
juenrxtx: the problem is that our build breaks without llvm installed, that's why I talked about requirement above ...16:35
nrxtxjue: at runtime or buildtime?16:38
nrxtxok buildtime i'll have a look at it16:40
horrorStruckyou could use --with-gallium-drivers="" to solve that. not sure how useful is this gallium thingy16:40
jueguys, I asked for help because I don't have the time to look into this myself ;)16:43
juenrxtx: as I said already, at buildtime16:44
nrxtxdamn it they pushed in llvm for i915 ...16:58
nrxtxjue: seems like Makefiles are broken: gallium-i915 fails, with scons it runs fine and builds gallium-i91517:18
teK_nrxtx: why not, will try that in a bit :)19:06
nrxtxteK_: it has to be build in the tools subdirectory, so i think it makes sense to include it like clang instead of createing a separated port19:16
teK_thanks for the hint, reduces my work and latency until it is packaged :)19:17
nrxtx for your bookmarks :)19:18
teK_open already19:21
teK_there seem to be no official tarballs, though?19:22
nrxtxthey appeared with 3.3 :)19:33
teK_I've been looking for it on ..19:34
nrxtxthe subpages are not up to date19:38
nrxtxdragonegg shows still 3.2 and on main it's 3.319:38
teK_obviously.. :)19:39
teK_but at least build instructions should be uptodate :]19:39
nrxtxjue: i think i solved it :D19:45
teK_btw I will be out of town from Tuesday to Tuesday19:47
nrxtxon holiday?19:50
nrxtxi think i found a bug in of mesa19:52
nrxtxnow 9.2 compiles again without llvm installed19:53
teK_I hope it will be nice ;)19:53
teK_that's good19:53
nrxtxmay i ask where you are going?19:53
nrxtxi hope it still compiles with llvm installed :D19:53
teK_still building llvm20:16
teK_now it failed20:27
teK_nrxtx: have you tried building it yourself?20:27
nrxtxwanted to but currently i'm still on the mesa thing :D20:28
teK_will retry tomorrow with a more powerful cpu20:29
teK_it wants -std=c++11 on configure20:30

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