IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2013-08-27

Romsternrxtx, nothing else yet01:27
Romsterok jfsutils fixed now to fix udev02:24
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Romsterudev done all ports i use now build02:30
Romsterseems libmng cna goto the 2.x branch with no ABI breakage.04:58
Romsterfrinnst, what did you end up doing for devpts?05:14
nrxtxjue: my fix got accepted upstream and will be in mesa 9.206:08
nrxtxno hard llvm dependency in 9.206:09
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frinnstRomster: check the todo page07:30
Romsteri have been07:31
frinnstthen you know :). just changed the mount options07:31
Romsteri see you did libjpg-boost i had to add an alias for that07:31
Romsteryeah did oyu do that in fstab or in rc?07:32
Romsterand did you use gid or tty or 5 for gid=07:32
Romstererr gid=tty or gid=507:32
frinnstdont remember offhand07:32
frinnst<- at work07:32
Romsterlooking up tty to group 5 in pid1 seems bad from that mailing list.07:33
Romstercan you let me know later.07:33
Romsterlooked at my brewster stuff? i overlaid on top of yours.
Romsteri fixed jfsutils and udev thanksto your patch but don't knwo if eudev will replace that so i jsut stuck with udev for now.07:35
Romsteri'm out at a mates now to get drunk will be back later tomorrow07:36
frinnstenjoy :D07:41
juenrxtx: great, thank you :)08:17
frinnstyeah sweet08:34
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frinnstoops, missed a cve for libtiff a while back16:53
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nrxtxjue: done :)19:20
nrxtxwas hard to find :D19:20
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