IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2013-08-31

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nrxtxcan i prevent stripping libraries for a specific package in the Pkgbuild file?18:23
jaegerIn arch? No idea19:09
nrxtxna sry19:09
nrxtxin Pkgfile19:10
jaegerAh. Check out the .nostrip file... there's an example in the glibc port19:10
nrxtxmaybe i just did not find yet it but is there a doc on all those hidden files?19:12
jaegerGood question. I don't see it in the pkgmk manpage19:13
nrxtxthen i'll "find/grep" me through the existing ports the next time ;)19:14
jaegerIt probably *should* be documented :)19:14
frinnstjaeger: \o/19:15
frinnsthad fun?19:15
nrxtxhi frinnst19:15
jaegerfrinnst: yeah, was a good trip and very useful19:15
frinnsthello :=19:15
frinnstmaybe next year :)19:15
frinnst(for me)19:15
frinnstjaeger: do you still get font corruption with the new cairo release?22:36
nrxtxjumping/oversized fonts?23:14
nrxtxfrinnst: that's what occurred for me23:18

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