IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2013-09-01

frinnstits a cairo bug that i believe was resolved in the version i pushed a few days ago01:05
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jaegerfrinnst: I'll test it tomorrow and see02:44
nrxtxfrinnst: i'm currently on 1.12.16 having those problems, maybe i have to recompile everything what depends on it?08:59
frinnsti use the firefox beta (one released every other day) and i can no longer reproduce it09:36
frinnstso i probably built firefox with the same sysup09:37
Romsterwould only need to rebuild if the ABI changed10:00
nrxtxi will just try it i had it not in the same sysup10:01
Romsterthough to use newer cairo, would mean exiting all instances of programs using cairo so it'l load the new library10:01
nrxtxRomster: that did not fix it10:04
nrxtxstill corrupted font in chromium for me10:04
frinnstah, chromium10:04
frinnsti thought you were talking about firefox10:04
frinnstim sure chromium does all sorts of wierd stuff10:04
frinnstuses a bundled cairo?10:05
nrxtxi'll try a rebuild and if it's still broken afterwards i'll have a look at it10:05
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nrxtxwhy do people stop providing init-scripts ....14:34
nrxtxbtw. rebuilding did not help for chromium anyone else using it?14:53
jaegerI switched back to chrome, myself14:54
nrxtxand your url input edit has correct font not flickering/jumping while typing?14:55
jaegeryes, though I've not updated in a while, was gone for a week14:56
nrxtxhm then maybe it is not related to the cairo thing, we'll see15:01
frinnstthe corruption im refering to is when you scroll, text becomes bold15:06
jaegeryeah, that's definitely what happens to me in firefox15:07
jaegerhaven't noticed it in either chrome or chromium15:07
frinnstthat _should_ be fixed now15:07
jaegerI'm updating one of my VMs here to test it today15:08
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jaegerfrinnst: looks like it's fixed, yes18:12

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