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Romsterfrinnst, xorg-font-sourcesans-otf has a error in post-install "fc-cache /usr/share/fonts/X11/OTFF" should be "fc-cache /usr/share/fonts/X11/OTF"05:11
frinnstfeel free to fix it, if you have time/energy07:50
frinnstotherwise ill do it tonight07:50
Romsterdone frinnst12:29
teK_I have the font jumping in chromium too.. what should fix it?15:40
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frinnstjue: i just rebooted my nfs-server for the first time since you bumped rpcbind17:48
frinnstso, doesnt seem to work too god17:49
frinnstvery informative errors..17:49
jaegerBut it says success! :D17:49
frinnstit liiiiiiiiies17:49
frinnstanyways, it just dies17:50
frinnstdowngrading to the previous version works17:50
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frinnstwierdness, still cant mount on my raspberry18:14
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frinnstjue: i need to start rpcbind with -s for it to not exit. also spawns the process as the "daemon" user instead of root18:55
juefrinnst: sorry for the trouble, looks like I forgot to test the update at all :(18:56
frinnstsurprise nobody else noticed18:57
jueguess the following commit should fix the issue ->
juewill try that now18:57
frinnststill need to figure out why my raspberry cant mount the fucking fs18:58
frinnstbuilding nmap is fun.............18:58
frinnstreason for reboot - new furniture!:
jaegernice way to hide them :)19:10
nrxtxand how do you manage the air cooling? :D19:10
frinnstim gonna see how hot the disks get19:12
frinnstthey are generally very low power and cool19:12
nrxtxikea? :D19:13
frinnstyep :>19:13
nrxtxi thought about where this boxes are from turned around and saw it ;)19:15
nrxtxi think the idea is good can you write about it how the cooling goes?19:16
frinnstactually got the idea from a german who had done something similar!19:16
nrxtx(if you had them running some days)19:16
frinnstthe back is also closed up. if it gets too hot im sure drilling a few holes would take care of that19:17
juefrinnst: it works again, at least for me, please try as well ;)19:18
nrxtxyeah that's why i asked i also bought the doors and noticed the full closed back :D19:19
frinnstjue: sure19:21
frinnstyeah seems to work19:25
frinnstlfs suggests changing services from sunrpc to rpcbind as well19:37
frinnstdunno if its just cosmetic or what19:38
frinnstyeah the disks are starting to cook i believe19:55
frinnstcpu is maybe +5C hotter than normal19:55
nrxtxas long as you are not cooking ssds :)19:56
frinnstso yeah.. not really practical as is20:35
frinnstfan rpm is significally higher than normal20:36
frinnstopened the doors, temps dropping fast ;)20:41
frinnstthink i'll just cut out the backside completely20:42
nrxtxwhat about adding some slow turning 12cm fans?20:55
nrxtxfrinnst: good luck21:34
nrxtxgn8 everyone21:34

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