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frinnsttje mavrick6106:59
frinnsttjena asdf06:59
Romsterthe what?09:00
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jaegerfrinnst: do you use PowerShell/PowerCLI?13:16
frinnstnot really, no13:21
frinnstonly use it to be able to do "ls" :)13:22
jaegerI just wondered because of that. That guy had a lot of great talks at vmworld about powercli13:27
frinnstcool. sounds useful (and free)13:28
frinnstveeam one is pretty good at that stuff and we get that with veeam backup13:29
jaegerfrinnst: Got a veeam question for you - related to offsite backups13:56
jaegerI have 1 oracle and 1 isilon (EMC) storage appliance onsite, 1 oracle offsite. The offsite oracle is our backup destination13:57
jaegerMy VMware stuff is on the isilon13:57
jaegerwhen I replicate data from the oracle to the oracle I can use ZFS' send and receive to do the replications intelligently13:57
jaegerI can't do that for oracle->isilon replications due to them being completely different platforms and filesystems (no ZFS on the isilon)13:58
jaegerSo I currently do a very inefficient hack whereby I use an intermediate VM to rsync data from an NFS export on the isilon to an NFS export on the offsite oracle storage13:58
jaegerrsync + NFS is horribly inefficient and slow13:58
jaegerSo with all that said I'm wondering if veeam could do it in a more intelligent fashion13:59
frinnstwell it has replication functions but we havent played with that much14:07
frinnstnot exactly sure how the workings behind it are14:07
frinnstim gonna start playing the functions were not using right now, soon14:08
frinnstsince i need to complete some cert thingy for it14:08
jaegerok. I'll need to do some research, I guess. :)14:09
frinnstim sure it works similar to the backup-process - a proxy relays the data to some other storage14:10
frinnstfiring up a replication job right now14:10
frinnstyeah it looks just like a backup that gets restored straight away14:19
frinnstit will utilize cbt so replication/backup will be very efficient14:19
jaegerhrmm, nice. thanks for checking :)14:20
frinnstit has some functionality for wan connections too, however that works14:21
frinnstguess its probably just higher compression :)14:21
frinnstbut the data gets processed by the proxy before its transmitted and if you can use many vms in the same replication job it should be: cbt'd, compressed, deduped before it leaves your network14:22
jaegerCould be useful in this case. Our replication link is 1 gig currently but we'd like to dial it down eventually14:23
jaegerThat sounds pretty slick14:23
frinnstyeah its pretty sweet14:23
jaegerWould we need to run a veeam server of some sort on both ends or just tell it to write to an NFS/SMB destination at the target location?14:25
frinnstim replicating a vm from our production to our lab right now. the link between is currently only 100mbit (we are rebuilding the network)14:25
frinnstsounds like you probably only need the nfs/smb share14:25
frinnstyou will only need one veeam server. what you'll need lots of (depends on your size) are proxy-servers14:26
frinnsta proxy server is the workhorse, doing the compression and dedup14:26
frinnstits a windows server with veeam software on it14:26
frinnstas long as you can login to the windows server from the veeamserver you can push, upgrade and manage the proxy's from the veeam ui14:27
jaegerWe have a pretty small environment, shouldn't take too many I would think14:28
frinnsthow often are you replicating? once per day or more frequent?14:28
jaegeronce per day14:29
frinnstyeah 1-3 proxy servers probably will be enough14:30
frinnstso, replication complete. the vm in question has 42GB disk, 17.4GB used. 8.7GB transferred in 11 minutes over a 100mbit link14:32
jaegernot bad at all :)14:33
frinnstthat includes vm registration at the secondary location, ready to be powered up14:33
jaegerour offsite is only for backup, we're not running any live stuff there... so that removes a small bit of extra complexity14:34
frinnstyeah then you can just use the offsite storage as a secondary target14:34
frinnstsecond replica was 15mb :)14:35
jaegercbt is changed block tracking?14:35
Amnesiacompiling gcc is a bith15:17
Amnesiait keeps failing15:17
frinnstsweet, switching my new screen to displayport allows my gpu to run 3 screens16:35
frinnstwas unable to run 1920x1200 + 1920x1080 + 1680x1050 with 2xdvi + 1xhdmi16:36
frinnstworks with 1xdp + 1xdvi + 1xhdmi16:37
Amnesiado you folks know whether it's possible to ditch the "ppl" requirement for gcc??16:40
Amnesia(A modern library for convex polyhedra and other numerical abstractions.)16:40
frinnstseems both dvi links are shared somehow, guess the higher resolution broke the camels back16:40
frinnstwhat are you doing Amnesia ? crosscompiling?16:41
Amnesiaabout to yes16:41
Amnesiacreating ports for the avr toolchain16:41
frinnstarm or some more custom?16:42
Amnesiano avr16:44
Amnesiamainly microcontrollers16:44
Amnesiabut compiling gcc + it's dependencies is a fucking bitch..16:44
Amnesiajaeger: you thar?17:02
jaegersort of17:55
Amnesiaare you familiar with cross compilation?18:10
Amnesiae.g. compile gcc-$arch18:11
jaegeronly a little bit, I'm no expert18:11
jaegerhave you already looked at the CLFS books? could be handy18:11
Amnesiacross linux from scratch18:12
Amnesiahm, ty18:12
jaegernp, hope it's useful :)18:15
jaegerfrinnst: I wonder if I could also solve my backup problem with VDP. I think that's included in the vcenter license already18:34
frinnstwe tested it back wiht vsphere 518:36
frinnstit was beyond useless18:36
frinnstmaybe it has improved18:36
jaegerhrmm, ok18:37
AmnesiaI'm curious whether I'll be able to succesfully build gcc with a 3gb sized working dir^.^18:41
Amnesiahm nope, no can do:)18:42
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