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teK_objections wrt closing ?19:09
teK_jue frinnst jaeger?19:09
nrxtxhi teK_19:10
jaegerteK_: none here19:10
nrxtxteK_: there are some issues with lldb, you'll need swig and libedit as dependency whereas libedit is not in official crux repositories, didn't noticed that because i already had both installed while testing19:11
teK_that's bad19:14
AmnesiateK_: have you ever set up a cross compiler?19:15
teK_I tried several times19:15
Amnesiaand succeeded?19:15
teK_I sucked and gave up19:15
teK_though I tried it by "hand" there are manuals19:15
AmnesiaI'm stuck at:19:15
Amnesia/usr/bin/avr-ld: skipping incompatible /usr/lib/gcc/avr/4.7.3/avr5/libgcc.a when searching for -lgcc19:15
teK_jaeger has hints on this19:15
Amnesiathe compilation etc is fine..19:16
teK_have you tried unpacking the archive and file(1)ing its contents?19:16
Amnesiait contains object files19:16
Amnesiawhich are compiled for atmel19:17
nrxtxteK_: due to the additional unusal dependencies it's better to create a separated port for lldb therefore remove it from llvm19:20
teK_thought about that too19:21
teK_I have to start my 'powerful' machine first19:21
teK_llvm takes ages on this machine19:21
nrxtxi can provide a Pkgfile for libedit, but when keeping lldb in llvm port you'll have to add it to the same repo as llvm19:26
teK_I happened  to have both swig and libedit installed19:58
nrxtxswig is quite easy but where did you get libedit from?20:04
teK_don't have the pkgfile anymore20:05
teK_prt-get: installing /usr/ports/meta/libedit20:09
teK_prt-get: starting build Fri Feb 19 20:02:32 201020:09
teK_libedit is required?20:12
teK_A spin-off from NetBSD code. Aim is for 100% readline API compatibility.20:12
teK_well O_o20:12
nrxtxuh it asked for it and it was linked on the build instruction page20:13
teK_when did it ask for libedit?20:20
teK_configure ran through without whining20:21
nrxtxhm configure did not work20:23
nrxtxand i had readline already installed20:24
nrxtxlet me remove libedit and try again20:24
teK_building it right now with:20:24
teK_% sudo find / -iname '*libedit*'20:24
nrxtxand it worked?20:25
teK_still working20:25
teK_/tmp/llvm-work/src/llvm-3.3.src/tools/lldb/tools/driver/IOChannel.h:19:10: fatal error: 'editline/readline.h' file not found20:30
jaegerMan, I like puppet20:36
jaegerBeen meaning to set up some centralized config management for years, glad I finally had time to start20:36
teK_a friend of mine is now puppet-certified yada yada :)20:36
teK_he shares your point of view20:36
jaegerI, er.... have a puppet t-shirt20:36
jaegerI also have a chef t-shirt and a saltstack t-shirt, though, from vmworld20:37
teK_he thinks similarly about certifications20:37
teK_ah a giveaway hunter (or jaeger as we say in germany..)20:37
jaegerHaven't researched saltstack but I don't care as much for chef as puppet20:37
jaegerindeed :)20:37
jaegerI didn't really set out for giveaways, they really throw them at you at vendor conferences20:38
jaegernot complaining, though20:38
teK_avira had a nice item, though google iamges won't spit out any pictures..20:38
jaegerI got some funny shirts, too. the nvidia one says: "Warning, contains graphic content"20:38
jaegerthe splunk one says: "I like big data and I cannot lie"20:38
teK_it was a fly/virus flap in their colors20:38
jaegerheh, nice20:38
teK_so you double your stock of shirts in what.. two-three day?20:39
nrxtxteK_: that's what it is about "editline/readline.h"20:41
nrxtxmaybe it is enough to patch it around to readline20:42
nrxtxteK_: they use editline because of licensing issues with readline21:03
nrxtxllvm/lldb is bsd style and readline is gpl21:05
nrxtxso they cannot use readline ....21:05
Amnesiahopefully .nostrip is going to safe my arse^^21:09
teK_nrxtx: I had to shutdown the machine will do some more research tomorrow21:10
nrxtxteK_: ok, shall i send you the editline Pkgfile?21:11
teK_I do not intend to autoinclude lldb if it adds new dependencies21:11
nrxtxteK_: that's what i also thought, i'll have already started creating a separated Pkgfile for editline and lldb21:13
nrxtxwanted to push them to my ports repo but waited for your opinion21:14
teK_does anybody know if we are violating laws if we patch in readline in this situation?21:16
teK_because IANAL.21:16
frinnstwhat are you doing?21:17
teK_23:05 < nrxtx> llvm/lldb is bsd style and readline is gpl21:17
nrxtxfrinnst: llvm added a debugger with the 3.3 release21:18
teK_editline is 100% compatible wrt APIs21:18
frinnstsince we dont ship binaries of llvm im sure theres no issue linking them or whatever21:18
frinnstwell, not sure21:18
teK_I always thought GPL is about linking, too or was this linking as in using linked stuff?21:18
nrxtxlike i said imho it's better to split it up and provide lldb and edtline in 3rd-party or contrib-repo21:20
nrxtxthen there will be no future legal discussion on it21:20
frinnstReadline is free software, distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 3. This means that if you want to use Readline in a program that you release or distribute to anyone, the program must be free software and have a GPL-compatible license.21:21
nrxtxand it also keeps away swig as dependency from llvm21:21
frinnstwe dont distribute llvm, right?21:21
frinnstonly the pkgfile21:21
frinnstthough im not very well read on gpl v321:22
teK_I'll remove lldb if you put it in contrib21:22
teK_it also segfaults on CTRL+D21:22
Amnesiafrinnst: :-)21:22
nrxtxteK_: i can't put it in contrib but someone could pull them from my repo adding them21:23
Amnesiafrinnst: a wildcard in .nostrip21:23
Amnesiadoes that require a dot in fornt of the asterisk?21:23
frinnstlicense of choice on github i guess. there are rarely any license stuff there21:24
teK_ah right no contrib access :)21:24
Amnesiaor should it be %/usr/lib/gcc/avr/4.7.3/.*/.*$ ?21:24
teK_your own repo is ok too21:24
frinnstme lacks regex foo21:25
Amnesiais it just plain old pcre?21:25
frinnsti have no idea21:25
Amnesiawho implemented it:P?21:26
frinnstdont think ive ever used nostrip21:26
Amnesiahm ok21:28
frinnstask jue21:28
frinnstor ajeger21:28
Amnesiawill do21:29
Amnesiait's .* btw:)21:29
nrxtxteK_: pushed editline, lldb follows in the next days, but i think i'm currently the only one using it ;)21:30
teK_ok so I will revert my last commit21:33
nrxtxok gn8 then21:35
jaegerI think pli implemented nostrip but I could be wrong.22:02

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