IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2013-09-09

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jaegerfrinnst: so far the vDP stuff seems to be working perfectly. I'll have to test restoration this week but the backup has been going properly12:12
jaegerjue: I can test it today12:16
jaegerjue: is 2.99.902 the one you want tested?12:20
frinnsthow does it handle the repository? when we tested it we had to deploy an opensuse appliance with something like 10 200G v-disks attached12:20
frinnstsucked ass12:20
jaegeryeah, that's still the case. I chose the 2TB appliance so it has a bunch of 256GB disks12:21
jaegerThey're all thin-provisioned, though12:21
frinnstdoes it do tape? i dont remember12:22
jaegerNot on its own, you'd probably have to do that through something else like veeam12:22
jaegerI'm duplicating it offsite with ZFS replication12:22
frinnstyeah though there are some limitations with veeams tape support no gfs to tape12:24
frinnstwe had to revert to using netbackup for now12:24
frinnstyou can to gfs with disk storage but not with tape for some insane reason12:26
frinnstwell this is a fun problem12:30
frinnstfor some reason a 2012 iscsi initiatior causes iscsi latency to go up to >200ms on our netapp12:30
juejaeger: yeah13:08
jaegerjue: ok, I'll give it a try13:10
jaegerseems solid so far (though obviously I haven't run it for a long time yet :))13:28
frinnstyeah works great!!! (havent restarted x yet)13:50
jaegerI did13:51
frinnstok so wierd. copying a big'ish file (3gb) increases the iscsi latency to >300ms. running iometer, generating ~1.5k ios doesnt even dent the latency13:52
frinnstthough this is in a VM hosted on the iscsi lun13:55
jaegervery odd indeed13:57
jaegerjue: tested some simple 3d stuff (glxgears, xscreensaver modules) and suspend, no problems there14:36
frinnstanybody able to push libx11 ? i get wierd footprint missmatches on this box and dont have another to test in at the moment18:41
frinnst <- this is not what its supposed to look like18:43
frinnstoh, it already was :D19:44

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