IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2013-09-10

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juejaeger: good to hear, no problems here as well, looks like they didn't break anything important even though it's major version bump08:32
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jaegerfrinnst: I'm liking vDP so far, my 10.3TB problem has turned into a ~130GB problem (though I'm not backing up all VMs yet, even if I did it wouldn't be anywhere near 10.3TB again12:35
jaegerthe combination of rsync+nfs was expanding all the thin-provisioned disks, very annoying12:35
frinnstwill have to give it a go once more13:10
jaegerDo you use PowerCLI? Did I already ask that?13:15
frinnstyes you did, and no13:15
jaegerI never used it before vmworld but now I do specifically for this:
frinnstyeah i gave that link to our windows guy13:16
jaegerThat's how I learned about that error the windows guy was ignoring :)13:16
jaegerAh, cool13:16
frinnsthe gave up on git i think13:16
jaegerI didn't give it to ours, I just set up my own server 2012 core machine and ran it there13:16
juesepen: you saw the ann for subversion 1.8.3, includes three security fixes?15:41
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sepenjue: thanks!17:08
sepenI fixed my .ck4up/opt.conf for subversion releases, I had a mistake17:12
juesepen: np18:00
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