IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2013-09-11

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frinnstYour message to crux-commits awaits moderator approval12:42
frinnstnever seen that before12:42
frinnstyeah, quite a big commit12:43
sepenfrinnst: ML issue or we have that in our config?13:14
jaegerIt's in the mailman config, happens for a few of the big footprints, too13:15
sepenhmm that sounds ok13:15
sepenI'm wondering why Alan doesn't push individual commits13:17
sepenhe should do that IMHP13:17
sepenI mean; comit + comit + comit + ... + push  instead of 1 commit for all + push13:18
frinnstyeah i sent him a mail about it13:26
frinnsti will announce it manually :)13:27
frinnsthe will13:27
frinnstbig commits arent very nice. makes it hard to revert a change13:27
sepento revert, to merge, to cherry-pick, etc. etc.13:38
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teK_SubjectFail event on /dev/md1:crux23:39
teK_and md2 and md323:39
teK_we need to talk about backups (on your server :}) asap. Maybe today? :)23:41
teK_I sent mail to charly wrt replacing /dev/sdc23:44
teK_and I had an overall reaction time of three minutes :323:55

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