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frinnstteK_: yeah07:54
teK_can we talk tonight (9pm)?07:56
frinnstshould work07:56
frinnstok, so i've setup a backup of using our customer backup service08:21
frinnstit backups up over ssh08:21
frinnstonly thing preventing me from backing up / is lack of root access08:22
teK_on crux>?08:23
teK_I had that figured out08:23
teK_will look into the logs once more as jaeger had some good ideas on that08:23
teK_more tonight :)08:23
teK_for the initial sync?08:24
frinnstyeah, its incremental forever08:25
teK_it should be anyway. We don't want charly to get poor because of our traffic ;)08:26
Romsterdoubt there is much on that site.08:31
teK_just joking08:32
Romsteri should of spotted that.08:32
frinnst~30gb or so08:33
Romster+# Optional:    libsamplerate bluez openssl sbc lirc pyqt4 opt/pulseaudio.08:36
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mavrick61Any Core member here..  need assistance. RAID failure on Crux server09:26
frinnsttek is also here somewhere09:27
mavrick61A Fail event had been detected on md device /dev/md2.09:27
frinnst<teK_> I sent mail to charly wrt replacing /dev/sdc09:27
frinnsthow many disks have we burnt through? :)09:28
teK_only sdc09:28
mavrick61md2 : active raid5 sdc6[3](F) sdb6[1] sda6[0]09:28
mavrick61      41961472 blocks level 5, 64k chunk, algorithm 2 [3/2] [UU_]09:28
teK_sd{a,b} seem to be fine09:28
mavrick61Personalities : [linear] [raid0] [raid1] [raid6] [raid5] [raid4]09:28
mavrick61md1 : active raid5 sdc5[3](F) sdb5[1] sda5[0]09:28
mavrick61      20980608 blocks level 5, 64k chunk, algorithm 2 [3/2] [UU_]09:28
teK_hey Charly09:28
teK_how are you09:28
mavrick61md3 : active raid5 sdc7[3](F) sdb7[1] sda7[0]09:28
mavrick61      246372608 blocks level 5, 64k chunk, algorithm 2 [3/2] [UU_]09:28
mavrick61I'm fine..09:28
mavrick61But to much to do..09:29
teK_tell your son to help out09:29
teK_or frinnst!09:29
mavrick61We hade world women campionchip09:29
mavrick61I was responsible for the entire computer system at the stadium to UEFA09:30
mavrick61But Need to replace harddisk on Crux09:31
teK_did it work out in the end?09:31
teK_hehe yeah :)09:31
mavrick61For me it looks like sda..09:31
teK_hu? Why?09:31
teK_sd 2:0:0:0: [sdc] Synchronizing SCSI cache09:31
teK_sd 2:0:0:0: [sdc] Result: hostbyte=0x04 driverbyte=0x0009:31
teK_sd 2:0:0:0: [sdc] Stopping disk09:31
teK_sd 2:0:0:0: [sdc] START_STOP FAILED09:31
teK_sd 2:0:0:0: [sdc] Result: hostbyte=0x04 driverbyte=0x0009:31
mavrick61I got MDAMD eMail anbd it say one disk i fault09:31
teK_from dmesg09:31
mavrick61So if I change the disk.. Can anyone assist..09:32
mavrick61First down the server09:32
teK_looking for the manufacturer/sn right now09:32
mavrick61I change and power it up.09:32
teK_just a sec please09:33
mavrick61Then someone sfdisk -d /dev/sda/ | sfdisk /dev/sdc09:33
mavrick61Then hot add it with mdadm09:33
teK_sure :)09:33
mavrick61I will do it later not now..09:34
teK_sda: Serial Number:    WD-WMAV3948595909:34
mavrick61But I need someone to take care of it later09:34
teK_sdb: Serial Number:    WD-WMAV3989008009:34
teK_sdc is not there anymore *g*09:34
teK_just tell me when09:34
teK_sfdisk -d /dev/sda/ | sfdisk /dev/sdc < seems to be handy did not know about that :)09:35
mavrick61Then we know witch disk it is09:35
teK_just like christmas some years ago :>09:35
mavrick61I can't access crux..09:35
teK_great, just give me a heads up when you are ready09:35
teK_via ssh?09:35
mavrick61I will get back later.. I hove som other task to do now..09:35
mavrick61Pleace which size of disk?09:36
teK_sdd: Serial Number:    WD-WMANK147919309:37
teK_there are actually 4 disks in it09:37
mavrick61160.. But I will replace it with a larger.. But it dosen't matter..09:37
mavrick61Talk to you later09:37
teK_greats, thanks for your fast response09:37
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mavrick61Will see, but we might have time after lunch.. I let you know... We go to lunch now so then in aboute one hour...09:56
teK_bon apetit09:56
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frinnstprologic: are you not using your radeon at all?12:00
frinnstwhat model was it?12:00
mavrick61In about 30 min will we have time to change disk on crux server.  I'm on skype nick=Mavrick61, have no IRC in the data center.12:14
mavrick61Write something on the crux website.12:16
prologicfrinnst, no not at all12:23
prologicumm hang on a sec12:23
prologicit was this card12:23
prologicit's sitting in my office collecting dust12:23
prologicwhich reminds me, I need to throw it on ebay12:23
frinnstwe need radeon-si support in crux. thinking of getting one so i can add it12:25
frinnstyou may want to keep it, it will soon be awesome in crux! :)12:25
frinnstsouthern island12:25
teK_what's the matter? A firmware port?12:25
frinnstglamor rendering (3d engine for 2d stuff)12:25
frinnstradeon-si only have 3d accelleration, no 2d12:26
prologicI only have one PCIe slot in my new desktop12:26
teK_btw do you have any idea to find the source of a constant load of 3.00 on a server? cpu usage is low etc12:27
prologicumm top -d 1?12:27
teK_there are 0..1 'R' processes.. others are sleeping12:27
prologicsomething is eating 3 cpus?12:27
frinnstinterrupts ?12:27
prologicyeah high irqs12:27
prologicfrinnst, if you'd like my card12:28
prologicby all means :)12:28
prologicI'd pracitcally give it awy :012:28
teK_vmstat says: 300 interrupts/s12:29
teK_one could mine for bitcoins with that beast altough its getting less attractive every 2 weeks12:29
prologicyeah unless you're preppared to fork out money for a 5-10Gh/s miner12:30
prologicnot really worth it12:30
prologicthen you have to find a way to trade them in for conventional currency12:30
prologicall too hard here in AU12:30
teK_that's easy12:30
teK_I think12:30
prologicto trade for AUD I have to trust a 3rd party12:30
prologicnot so easy as it seems :)12:31
frinnstjust ordered a hd7750 :)12:31
prologicok :)12:31
mavrick61Now we go to Data center.. Need some contakt on skype?12:32
teK_mavrick61: will add you in a second12:33
teK_have to go to a windows machine to do that ;-)12:33
frinnsthaving an office outside the datacenter sounds nice, you get to see the sun and everything :(12:36
frinnstsun > flourescent striplight12:38
teK_come on, real nerds prefer !sun12:38
teK_charly isooooooold :P12:40
mavrick61? Talking to me..12:40
teK_you lied12:41
teK_skype and IRC!12:41
pitillono android phone teK_?12:44
pitillook :)12:44
teK_I have a spare one, too12:45
teK_for the that after more than 13 years the old one will have failed me :\12:45
teK_BLACK HAWK down12:45
teK_btw frinnst  or jaeger any reason that md0 (/boot) only contains 2 of 3 disks?13:22
jaegercan't boot raid5 without initrd13:23
jaegerraid0/1 works13:23
teK_doh :)13:23
jaegerI didn't know much about initrd/initramfs back when we built that server, could do it fairly easily now13:24
teK_md0 : active raid1 sdc1[2](S) sdb1[1] sda1[0]13:24
teK_leave or remove the spare drive?13:24
jaegerAs it is now mdadm will use it as spare if something fails13:24
jaegercould be handy, unless you think we need that space for something else13:25
teK_we have a 4th hdd in the server (250GB)13:25
teK_so no.. we have *plenty* of spce13:26
jaegerIt might be nice to take a full backup and rebuild the server sometime with a but more modern config, though I guess if it isn't broken, don't fix it :)13:26
teK_if I will find time to do that one day: sure..13:27
teK_so I will remove the disk, install grub on it and re add it, right?13:27
teK_I don't remeber the order13:27
jaegerrub can be installed while it's in the array, no problem there13:28
jaegerthough if it's the spare that was replaced it's not needed13:28
teK_I only remember that installing grub on md0 does not suffice13:28
jaegermd0 is /boot, right?13:28
jaegeryeah, so grub just gets installed on sda1 and sdb1, no use for it on sdc113:29
teK_awesome :-)13:29
teK_      [>....................]  recovery =  0.4% (588288/123186304) finish=55.5min speed=36768K/sec13:29
teK_work little server, work13:29
jaegerif sda1 or sdb1 fails then sdc1 goes into the array and it would need grub then but I've no idea if the process of bringing it into the array would erase the MBR at that point13:29
teK_we are going to find that out eventually13:30
mavrick61[15:32:16] CGM Charlie: The internal backup disk (disk 4) is that working and used?13:32
teK_so I thanked charly on the news :)13:32
teK_mavrick61: I have to check as I did not set that up13:33
teK_you are not charly? Skype said so :P13:33
teK_and I called you charly all the time two years ago while you were on the telephone13:33
mavrick61Yes... But different spelling Charlie13:34
teK_spelled it right on Sorry13:34
mavrick61NP.. I'm not good speller.. But my name i know.. (Dyslexia)13:35
teK_yet we did it!! :)13:36
teK_and thanks for the picture :D13:36
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frinnstcharlie ftw14:42
frinnstteK_: any new mplayer snapshot anytime soon? mplayer crashes when it's *finished* playing something with vdpau18:39
teK_last time I tried mplayer sucked18:40
teK_give me a second18:40
teK_build faster18:48
teK_stupid cpu18:48
teK_vdpau worked with this one18:50
teK_I'll push it18:51
teK_gotta tell  my son a good night etc. so I won't make it for 9pm, ok?18:54
frinnstno worries19:34
jaegerCan anyone confirm FS#953? I cannot duplicate it in a fresh install19:49
jaegerI can't duplicate it on my workstation here, either20:11
teK_so I looked into our old discussion wrt rsync20:46
teK_and maybe jaeger :-)20:51
jaegerI remember we talked about it but I don't remember the details20:52
teK_I have a proposition20:53
teK_we make 1..n tar file for slash, home, var or so20:54
teK_created by scripts placed on that run tar -C .. -cf -  and get redirected on the remote backup server20:55
teK_ssh backup@crux home > home.tar20:55
teK_or so20:55 can use a _certain_ sudo tar .. command which is not possible for rsync as it has variable parameters for temporary directories20:56
teK_so we'd be 100% controlled privileged on and 100% unprivileged on the remote backup server20:56
jaegerseems reasonable to me... the only downside would be that each ssh connection would run the same tar command again but there won't be too many of those so probably not a big deal21:01
teK_df suggests /, /var and /home21:01
jaegerAnother thought - if we have a 4th drive in the server that isn't used, why not script backups to it each day at some time and we can copy those backups out via ssh/rsync?21:05
teK_sure, why not21:05
jaegerthat way the tar only runs once, save a bit of CPU work21:05
teK_the data to tar is the same imho21:06
frinnstwe have a service that can backup a live remote system without any issues as well21:07
jaegerI mean that if frinnst and I both were to ssh in and run " home" then /home would get tarred twice21:07
teK_now I got it21:08
frinnstI ran it today with my account so i have a backup of everything except the stuff my account cant access21:08
teK_the upside of my approach is that it requires 0 special permissions for external parties (except the obvious ssh access)21:08
teK_yours seems to need root21:09
frinnstto run that successfully i would need a ssh key for root (or an account that can sudo)21:09
jaegernot if the script on does the tar once, then multiple clients download it21:09
teK_that'd work, too but jaeger and I tried to figure out something unprivileged21:09
frinnstthe tarball would still contain a lot of privved info, so if anyone got access to my account, say, we'd still be screwed21:11
teK_I hope that nobody keeps private keys on crux.nu21:11
frinnstyeah, true21:12
teK_so that's not really the case.. but I should, for example, see that flyspray gets an update21:12
teK_what I want to say is that we should follow the best-effort approach21:12
teK_creating the tar files locally costs nothing (vs. a fully remote approach)21:12
teK_nobody is allowed to run uname -r on our server!21:13
frinnst.5 ...21:14
teK_hey it's not 2.5. :>21:14
teK_-> rehabdoll just logged on from c-71d6e521:14
teK_I get root on your router21:14
frinnstolder than the previous debian kernel :)21:15
teK_sniffing all the cat pics your browsing21:15
teK_that ain't no cats21:18
frinnstbut with tarballs we'd only get full backups21:19
teK_that's certainly true21:19
teK_but doing backups every other week should be just fine21:20
frinnstno problems for me, but maybe charlie would mind21:20
teK_the most current stuff on are our repos which are backed up by git/devs ... the web stuff is moving rather slowly21:20
teK_we use 20GB at present21:21
frinnstwe need to make sure we can get the critical stuff back online in case of a total failure21:21
frinnstwhat are those? git obviously, bugtracker? mailinglist?21:21
teK_scripts and php glue for portdb and cruxbot21:22
teK_you know.. the sucky part to reimplement...21:22
teK_mavrick61: does a 40-80GB increase in traffic per month hurt NDC?21:22
frinnstwhat about mounting a sshfs and doing rsync to that?21:24
teK_what about uid/gid?21:24
teK_that'd require root or tricks on the receiving side21:24
frinnsthaha yeah, forgot about that21:24
teK_# CONFIG_FUSE_FS is not set21:25
teK_hey... it KNOWS FUSE21:25
frinnsthow long have you been saving to use that? :D21:25
teK_% make menuconfig *** Unable to find the ncurses libraries or the *** required header files.21:26
teK_oh and that won't work anyway21:27
teK_ssh FROM is somewhat slow and worse: restricted21:27
teK_the 4th disk contains a directory /auth/*svn*..21:30
frinnstwont work21:36
frinnstunless we just fetch dumped tarballs we will have issues21:37
teK_so we do just that21:37
frinnstand maybe poke charlie to ease those restrictions somewhat21:37
teK_I will leave a fully unpacked rsync on  /mnt (or /backup), too for a faster recovery if the 4th disk survives21:37
teK_rsync scrolling by in a transparent terminal makes X eat 55% CPU :\21:40
frinnststop using eyecandy!21:42
frinnstmplayer now uses ~2%cpu instead of ~3021:45
frinnstguess we'll see if it crashes after21:45
frinnstou, big font21:46
teK_so much eyecandy =)21:46
teK_DejaVu Sans Mono Book 1021:46
teK_vdpau IS nice but sometime mplayer will eat more cpu than mpv and vice versa (depends on the used movie format)21:47
frinnstwhat a tiny res you use :)21:49
teK_this is on a 12.1" Thinkpad21:50
teK_web monkeys on the right?21:50
frinnstthe newsroom :)21:50
teK_kitties n titties tumblr21:50
frinnsti was looking for it before when you made that comment21:51
frinnstfirefox reported it as an "attack" site so never pasted it21:51
teK_I like
teK_I use chromium!1121:52
teK_but nice multiscreen setup.. I have a 24" single setup ;)21:52
frinnston the right is my tv, left is my other screen that is always turned off21:53
frinnstonly use it for VMs21:53
teK_luxury :D21:53
frinnstnope, mplayer crashed21:53
frinnstExiting... (End of file)21:53
teK_hehe she even has a name21:53
frinnstInconsistency detected by dl-close.c: 771: _dl_close: Assertion `map->l_init_called' failed!21:53
teK_maybe a glibc-issue? .)21:53
teK_dunno.. is this for every file you play?21:54
frinnstmm, or libvdpau21:54
frinnstevery one ive tried with vdpau turned on21:54
frinnst(first time i've googled the problem)21:54
teK_I have vaapi only on this machine21:55
frinnstamd got vdpau support in 3.11 with the open drivers21:55
frinnstthought i'd test it out21:55
teK_disabling vdpau is no solution21:56
teK_cheating at best21:56
teK_< i91521:56
frinnsthaha yeah, love how they marked it as solved21:56
teK_but the desktop with the closed source nvidia uses vdpau :-)21:56
teK_works for me[tm]21:57
jaegerI use 2 24" at work and a 23" and 27" at home, kinda weird to switch between22:03
frinnstusing different screens suck22:04
frinnstthe inconsistency...22:04
jaegerThe second screen is mostly terminals and IRC so it doesn't bother me22:04
jaegerIf the main one were smaller it would bother me but it's 2560x1440 27"22:04
teK_I can use my 1280x800 just as efficiently because of eyecandy, screen and no toolbar etc D:22:05
jaegerMy "eye candy" these days consists of a wallpaper, pretty much22:09
jaegercheck this old stuff out:
jaegerone of those is mine, hehe22:10
teK_I put some time into creating my PS1, cmus theme, irssi theme, screen theme, fluxbox theme etc22:10
teK_I forgot vim22:10
teK_won't load  :)22:11
frinnsti bought that for my ps322:12
frinnsthave to replay it again soon22:12
jaegerIt was pretty much my favorite thing back then22:13
jaegerx had no transparency back then, I had to work hard to make that terminal look right22:14
frinnsti like how everyone is emulating win95 in those screens :)22:16
jaegerNever really understood that, myself22:16
jaegerIt was really popular, though22:17
teK_still won't load for me. Racist Canadians. :\22:17
teK_so I will finish the setup tomorrow..22:21
teK_we have initial syncs on /mnt/backup now22:21
teK_tar files and keys will be done tomorrow22:22
teK_heading to bed now. later guys..22:24
jaegerTake care22:25

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