IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2013-09-13

jaegerrestarted the torrent tracker, just noticed it was down01:16
teK_jaeger: I will see that it gets started on boot time07:56
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teK_it backs things up on NDCs ftp server19:25
jaegerhrmm, had no idea that was there19:37
teK_yeah and its unencrypted (and accessible by others)20:09
teK_Cannot open local file etc-2013-08-21#02.00.tar.bz2 for writing: Permission denied.20:14
teK_sorry :-)20:14
teK_ /var is not in the backups20:15
teK_but mysql is on /home so this should be "fine"20:15
teK_so what do we want, additional backups? Yes? No?20:15
frinnstyes yes and yes20:16
teK_frinnst, jaeger, jue  please speak up :)20:16
frinnsthave you setup a tardump to some location? or whats the plan?20:16
frinnstand then just have us fetch it?20:17
teK_that's the plan, yes20:17
teK_doing that right now20:17
teK_some location = the spare disk on /mnt20:17
teK_and just for the logs/files: we do have mysql backups already, too20:18
teK_so there's no need to take of that issue20:19
teK_you guys just should have gotten Mail :P20:34
frinnstnot yet20:36
teK_hmm20:36 exists I suppose20:36
frinnstno, fredrik20:36
teK_% grep remote-backup /etc/postfix/aliases20:36
teK_remote-backup: jaeger, tek, frinnst20:36
frinnstah, sorry you added that now20:37
frinnstrehabdoll is the account name, fredrik is an alias20:37
teK_spare your sarcasm, sucker :D20:37
teK_stupid rsync20:38
teK_exits non zero if: warning: some files vanished before they could be transferred20:39
teK_so I cannot check for $?20:39
teK_frinnst uses antivirus software20:40
frinnsthah, no. puts that crap in all mail20:41
frinnsthow have you managed to not notice that?20:41
frinnston all incoming20:41
frinnstguess its an ndc thing20:41
teK_I never get mail from people :\20:41
teK_[[ $? -eq 4 || $? -eq 1 ]]20:53
teK_I meant:20:53
teK_SOURCES=(auth bin boot etc home lib opt root sbin usr var)20:53
teK_one tar per dir?20:54
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teK_tar -C /mnt/backup -cf ...  creates files in $HOME21:18
teK_so scripting basically is done..21:28
teK_jaeger: what/where's the torrent client? :)21:51
jaegerteK_: It's bnbt in my homedir. I'll sort out a better place for it and an init script, no worries21:53
teK_ok, cool23:27
teK_backup ran through23:27
teK_it is set to be run every 00:0923:27
teK_result is some .tar.gz files in /mnt/backup23:30
teK_will figure out a restricted way to receive them by means of ssh + pub key auth by sunday23:30
teK_I thought about something like allowing to cat these files or so23:31
teK_in authorized_keys of a backup-user23:31

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