IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2013-09-15

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nrxtxjaeger: was there a reason for not copying nvidia.icd in opt/nvidia?15:24
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frinnsttesting new xorg sever17:36
teK_while shaving? Don't test and shave17:36
juefrinnst: running since some weeks without problems17:47
frinnstyeah, should be safe to push19:18
frinnsti'll do it unless anybody minds19:19
frinnsti was hoping to get my radeon-si before the weekend, wont get it until monday D;19:20
frinnstit will probably require a new flag in our mesa port, as well as actually introducing glamor19:20
frinnstunfortunately i think you must set --enable-glamor in the ddx driver for it to be picked up :/19:21
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