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frinnstwhich: no swig in (/bin:/usr/bin:/opt/bin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/sbin:/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/home/fredrik/.bin)12:47
frinnstnot listed as a dep ?12:47
frinnsthm, my path seems a bit redundant12:48
teK_no,will remove  lldb.12:48
teK_or add swig.. hm12:51
teK_the debugger did not make a rock stable impression12:52
teK_(exiting = core dumping)12:52
frinnstno strong view here, llvm is one of those packages i dont really want :)12:52
frinnstsilly licensing12:53
frinnsterror: LLVM R600 Target not enabled.  You can enable it when building the LLVM sources with the --enable-experimental-targets=R600 configure flag13:00
frinnstok if we add that to opt/llvm? :D13:01
frinnst/tmp/llvm-3.3-1-work/src/llvm-3.3.src/tools/lldb/tools/driver/IOChannel.h:19:10: fatal error: 'editline/readline.h' file not found13:07
frinnsthow the hell.. i have llvm 3.3 installed already, how did i manage that?13:07
teK_14:53 <@frinnst> silly licensing13:08
teK_it uses a bsd-licensed readline13:08
teK_still rebuilding llvm without lldb13:08
teK_btw.. backup on seems to work reasonably well13:10
teK_maybe we can talk about the remote transfers some time this week13:10
teK_(reasonably well = neither you, me or jaeger received mail ;))13:10
frinnstbut what has changed with llvm? new tarball with lots of changes or what?13:11
teK_I added lldb13:11
teK_it's optional, like clang13:11
teK_NEW       -rwxr-xr-x      root/root       usr/lib/ocaml/libllvm.a13:12
frinnstdidnt bump the version?13:12
teK_revision? No13:12
teK_20 minutes for compilation,13:12
teK_uh, girlfriend will be back in an hour13:15
teK_gotta do some stuff :D13:15
teK_here you are13:15
teK_hi jue13:22
jueteK_: I'd opt for a llvm without a lot of additional deps13:22
juegreat :)13:23
teK_I missed swig as a dep because it was already installed etc. my bad13:24
frinnsthmm, maybe a radeon-si repo is needed for this to work13:51
teK_well if you need R600 in llvm I can try and see if it buils with just th eoption addedyou mentioned earlier13:53
juefrinnst: lots of additional stuff needed?13:53
jueI guess at least a mesa build with llvm?13:53
teK_The current set of targets is: arm, cpp, hexagon, mips, mipsel, msp430, powerpc, ptx, sparc, spu, systemz, x86, x86_64, xcore.13:54
teK_opt/llvm builds _all_ of them13:54
teK_maybe we could reduce them to x86_64 and maybe x8613:54
teK_in spirit of our qemu{,-all} packages?13:55
teK_I'd be willing to do that13:55
jueI guess sooner or later we need llvm for mesa so that might reasonable13:56
frinnstyeah mesa will probably need llvm13:57
jueoops, if we are there ...13:59
jueI still haven't had the time to look at the vdpau/mesa stuff :(13:59
frinnstasdf Werror14:00
juemaybe someone else is eager to look at it? ;)14:00
frinnstpoor - my port blindly clones mesa3d :)14:27
teK_building only x86 target_s_ reduced build time from 20 to 17 minutes14:38
teK_(with R600 enabled)14:40
teK_so we will see more gallium in the future I guess? I think it's ok to enable the R600 target14:40
teK_How we license our code14:42
teK_but no DL link14:42
teK_fuck you14:42
juefrinnst: would you mind adding a note wrt mesa/llvm to TODO31? Which additional driver do we build? Do we enable vdpau? etc14:59
frinnstvdpau is no big deal, it autodetects if you have it installed15:05
frinnstfootprint issues though15:05
frinnstbut yeah15:06
frinnst(ill add it)15:06
teK_ok no gnu telephony for me, I won't fucking dig for the link15:20
teK_14,5m without r600 frinnst  ;)15:29
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nrxtxhi teK_ still working on the llvm issues?16:40
nrxtx frinnst: mesa will not need llvm16:47
nrxtxexcept you need a driver/backend which requires it16:48
frinnstyeah, thats the point16:49
nrxtxah ok, do you need a driver enabled by default, which uses llvm?16:49
nrxtxbecause some can be compile separated16:50
nrxtxanyway same opinion like you have, keep llvm dependencies as small as possible, creating a separated port for lldb16:56
nrxtx\o/ newly created bumblebee ports working :)16:58
nrxtxjaeger: ping17:01
jaegernrxtx: yes?17:39
nrxtxhi, when you update nvidia port next time you migth check if the makefile patch is still needed17:40
nrxtxand you could add and symlinks, including copy the icd file, which is both needed for opencl support17:41
nrxtxhit both things when creating bumblebee ports17:42
teK_nrxtx: resolved17:43
jaegersure, I'll check it out17:43
nrxtxjaeger: icd file goes to /etc/OpenCL/vendors/17:44
jaegerthe .so.1 symlink gets created, is something hard-coded to look for the .so one as well?17:48
nrxtxgets created?
jaegernot by the port, by ldconfig17:51
nrxtxoh ok, then you'll only have to add the icd file17:52
nrxtxbut test it at least before committing it, i can't test with the default nvidia port18:05
jaegerWhy not?18:06
nrxtxhave an optimus chipset18:06
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jaegerWell, adding the .icd file isn't going to make an obvious change18:07
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nrxtxjaeger: with optimus the system only sees the intel hda chipset and afterwards nvidia drivers are loaded on demand with LD_PRELOAD18:17
jaeger13:07 < jaeger> Well, adding the .icd file isn't going to make an obvious change18:18
nrxtxyeah but maybe the makefile changes, for my port it worked without but it is not compatible with your port18:20
jaegerIt doesn't seem to affect things either way as far as the Makefile patch goes18:23
jaegerIt used to be required to build with fakeroot18:24
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teK_html+css dev on 12.1" or getting my TV set on the table. Opinions?20:11
jaeger"Best viewed on TV set on the table."20:13
nkrisis file upload enabled on the wiki?20:14
teK_dont think so20:15
teK_CSS alone is driving me crazy so I opted for the TV set20:15
nrxtxok then i'll have to upload stuff externally20:16
teK_ok VGA1 can only be 1024x.. WHAT20:16
nrxtxteK_: are you not at home with normal monitors?20:34
teK_bedroom with 24" display is occupied20:35
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frinnstfinally radeon-si up and running20:57
frinnst2d rendering is not as sharp as with exa, but quick and snappy21:01

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